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Interested in joining our talented team over summer?

Summer’s the perfect time to give your career a head start, with our fantastic Summer Intern Program. 

Enjoy an insightful introduction to life at the Bank, learn how we operate and get involved in great projects where you’ll have the chance to work and learn from some inspirational people who’ll help you put your career on the right track.

So, if you’re in your penultimate year of your degree, how about joining us for a 10 week internship to get a taste of what we do?

Our program will give you the opportunity to fully integrate into our teams and work on real projects. The experience will provide you with a great mix of training; professional skills and knowledge development and the opportunity to network with other interns on the program. We’ll also pair you up with a graduate buddy who’ll help you get into the swing of things.

Additionally, our appraisal process is designed to ensure you work closely with your manager to establish and pursue your individual objectives, and to give you feedback on any areas of improvement throughout the course of the summer. By the end of the program, you’ll have a really good idea of whether a graduate career with us is right for you.

Our 10-week Summer Internship Program runs from early December 2012 to early February 2013. You can choose which experience you have, depending on your interests. 

Which experience will you choose?

Decide on one of our nine business units for your Summer Intern position and see how you can grow:



  • Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident at the time of application.
  • Be in the Penultimate year of your undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree
  • Be on target to achieving at least a credit result in your degree


  2012 Commonwealth Bank Summer Intern Program


CLOSES: 8th August 2012