Science Students – Looking work placement?

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  1. What type of accommodation does this include? Private, shared, etc
    The standard accommodation is shared dorm (4 bed generally) Beds are already made prior to arrival.  You can see more information at guests can upgrade to a private room if they wish at an extra charge of $11 per night (subject to availability)
  2. Do the rooms have ensuites or shared facilities?
    Shared facilities, but we have 2 smaller private bathrooms that people can use on their own (still shared with everyone in hostel) 
  3. Are all meals included?
    Yes, price includes breakfast in the hostel, lunch in the park and dinner back in our restaurant
  4. Are uniforms/safety equipment provided?
    Enclosed shoes are required by volunteer.  Volunteer shirt is provided (and is there’s to keep). Wet weather gear and sun protection must be provided by volunteer
  5. Are students required to have any inoculations before commencement?
    None required
  6. Are there agreements to sign?
    There is a 20 minutes safety induction the morning of day 1
  7. How close is your facility to the park?
    And is there any transport available to and from work?  We provide full transport to and from the park in our own shuttle bus.  It is a 5 minute drive
  8. Do you have an agreement with the park and is there a limit on numbers? Times of the year?
    We can look after 5-10 per week.  Program runs every week of the year starting on Mondays each week for the 5 day course
  9. Do you have insurance in place for these students at the park or is this something that is arranged by the university?
    The park is covered by full insurance
  10. As the placement has a fee connected, where do the proceeds go to?
    The fee is an all-inclusive fee which covers everything above.  Part of the proceed goes back to the park which is not-for-profit organization.