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St. Agnes’ Parish, Port Macquarie, has four secondary schools which comprise the Parish secondary endeavour.

St Joseph’s Regional College, Newman Senior Technical College, MacKillop Senior College and St Paul’s High School work as a family of schools to provide a Catholic secondary education for nearly 2,300 students.

A vacancy exits for a suitable applicant at St Paul’s High School and MacKillop Senior College.  The applicant would be required to learn the innovative Canadian approach to language learning, AIM (Accelerated Integration Method).  This method has proven to be highly successful and is presently operating in Years 7 and 8.

The position may also provide an opportunity to teach senior French from 2014 on at MacKillop Senior College.  Enthusiastic and innovative applicants are encouraged to apply.

Those requiring further information regarding the AIM method are welcome to contact Jan Shepherd on 6583 2632 or email

Further growth has provided opportunities for a suitable qualified French teacher.

Applications should be emailed or posted to:

Coordinating Principal,

Mr Jim O’Brien

C/- MacKillop Senior College,

PO Box 5724,

Port Macquarie NSW 2444



Child protection legislation requires preferred applicants to be subject to employment screening.

An Equal Opportunity Employer