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Graduate Positions Available


What graduate positions are available for 2013?

We are recruiting 7 graduates from a variety of academic backgrounds to commence in February 2013.

The salary for these roles will be from $55,000 (plus superannuation).

Below is a list of the roles available, with a link attached to the relevant position description. These position descriptions provide the details about what we are looking for, as well as an indicative list of the types of courses relevant to the role (these courses listed are a guide only).

Graduate Project Officer (Learning & Development) Position Description
Graduate Project Officer (Strategy & Research) Position Description
Graduate Project Officer (IT) Position Description
Graduate Project Officer (Health) Position Description
Graduate Communications Consultant Position Description
Graduate Risk & Compliance Officer Position Description
Graduate Policy Officer Position Description


What are we looking for?

Your personal qualities and genuine enthusiasm for the work that we do is more important to us than top academic results. In addition to your formal qualifications we will consider your achievements in previous work, recreation and community experience and other uniquely positive attributes that you can bring to our organisation.

Successful graduates will be expected to uphold our organisational values: Constructive, Accountable, Transparent, Effective and Caring and will stand out by demonstrating the following competencies:

Adaptability — listens to others and uses initiative to act within known boundaries

Conceptual thinking — draws on past experience and makes connections.

Driving improvement initiatives — uses initiative and identifies improvements.

Stakeholder (customer) support and service — follows up, listens, interprets and establishes needs.

Tactical and analytical thinking — organises information, sees interdependencies and sets priorities.

Working in a team — acts cooperatively within a team and actively seeks input from others.

Seeks to understand the needs of other teams — utilises organisational and industry awareness as well as the formal structure.

Building relationships — makes contacts when required and builds connections.

Information gathering — asks questions and explores anomalies.

If you would like to apply for one of these roles, please go to the Our Application Process page and follow the instructions.