Scientist, New Product Development – Bioniche Animal Health

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To date, Bioniche’s facility based in Armidale has focused on isolation, purification and manufacture of reproductive hormones under GMP conditions for use in production animals.

Bioniche now wants to make fuller use of its GMP licensed manufacturing facility through the production of new veterinary products in addition to those currently manufactured.

These new products are currently either in early stage research or in development.

Bioniche needs a capable scientist to be able to assist more senior staff in bringing new products to market within commercial timeframes.

Qualifications, Knowledge, Experience and Potential

A minimum of a science degree in life sciences with honours.

Knowledge of biochemistry, protein purification and assay development.

Demonstrated understanding, experience and/or potential in:

  • New product development
  • Protein chemistry
  • Development, optimization and validation of biochemical assays
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Project management
  • An understanding of protection and commercialization of intellectual property
  • An understanding of the therapeutics regulatory environment.

Reporting, Role Description

The position will report to the Facility Manager but be under the guidance of Dr Richard Brandon, Bioniche Scientific Consultant, and other senior staff or external contractors on an as-needs basis.

The research and development of these new products will require the following:

  1. Development, validation and running of protein assays (e.g. ELISA, SDS-PAGE)
  2. Development of protein purification techniques (e.g. exchange or affinity chromatography, precipitation)
  3. Designing, running, managing and reporting of experiments essential to the new product development process
  4. Accurate and reliable record keeping
  5. Engaging and interacting with technicians and quality assurance staff
  6. Engaging and interacting with contract scientists and University service providers
  7. Effective communication of scientific results to internal staff (scientific, regulatory, marketing and business development)

Desirable Traits & Skills

The position is within a commercial, for-profit veterinary therapeutics manufacturing company.

 Desirable traits and skills are therefore:

  1. Demonstrated drive and initiative
  2. Strong written and verbal communication
  3. A strong work ethic and a desire to be an integral part of a dynamic and fast moving team
  4. Able to deal with pressures and timelines
  5. Ability to understand, support, establish, plan and execute according to overall scientific strategy
  6. General computer skills including data analysis and reporting.