Complete your submission and job shadow a senior exec in Asia.

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Student Challenge – Question Part B is out now

“It’s not so important who starts the game but who finishes it.”
John Wooden

As John Wooden so aptly said, it’s all about a strong finish and you now have all the tools to come in first. 

You know you can do it, you know you’re better than the rest, but you just need a chance to show it. This is that chance. Have a go at taking part in a competition that will give you access to employers, networking and job shadowing the CFO of Macquarie Group in Asia if you win the Overall Challenge.

Plus, if you make it as a state finalist, you’ll also be flown to Sydney for the Awards evening where you’ll be kitted out with great prizes such as exclusive suit fittings with stylish retailer OXFORD, presentation skills training and networking opportunities second to none. Not to mention the latest iPad to complete your corporate image.

About the Challenge

This year, show us how you’ll apply ethics in business by solving a real-life business problem for St James Ethics Centre.

There are two separate Challenges, an overall Student Challenge and a 1st year Student Challenge.

The questions have two parts with Part A and Part B – so get in now and start working on your submission. Remember, you have until 31 August 2012 to complete the Challenge, and submit both parts of your submission.

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