ACEN Student Scholarships – for work placement

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The Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) is the professional association for practitioners and researchers from the tertiary education sector, industry, community and government, involved in Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in Australia.

2012 Scholarships

In 2012 ACEN will be offering five scholarships, each valued at $1,500, to assist students undertaking placements.

 The scholarships are open to final year students in all disciplines from institutions that are financial members of ACEN.#

The placement must be:

  • Undertaken in 2012
  • In rural and remote locations which requires students to relocate from their home address
  • Fulltime (4-5 days per week for a minimum of three weeks duration)
  • Within Australia

The scholarships will be awarded on a basis of the achievement of WIL outcomes plus evidence of hardship. Supporting evidence will be requested during the application process. There are six Stages to the Application. See below.

# Institutions are currently renewing membership and a list is available on the ACEN website at

This list is updated periodically.

Timelines 2012 

Date Stage Activity
1 March 2012 Stage 1 Provide information about you, your course and information about your WIL placement and hardship. Go to the following link:

14 April 2012 Stage 2 Applications close
14 May 2012 Stage 3 From the information provided by the applicant  in Stage 1 applicants who meet the criteria will be shortlisted.

Short-listed applicants will be asked to provide two pages of information supporting their scholarly achievement during the WIL placement. For those applicants who are yet to attend the WIL placement, evidence of  scholarly achievement on a WIL placement undertaken 2011 may be submitted. Such evidence may include a supervisor’s report, co-ordinator’s report or evaluation.

Thus Stage 3 provides evidence about the effectiveness of the WIL placement in improving educational outcomes in  chosen careers.

31 July 2012 Stage 4 Submission of supporting evidence from short-listed applicants closes.
31 August 2012 Stage 5 Successful applicants notified
29 October 2012 Stage 6 Presentations to winners at ACEN Conference, Geelong, Vic.

The 2012 ACEN Student Scholarship Application Form can be found at

For further information contact