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rsstitleweb.jpgAre you looking for a way of keeping up with new information? Google offers an RSS reader that will help access updated content.

Some websites produce new content regularly – news sites, blogs and other regularly updated sites. You can usually subscribe to these sites to get updated content automatically. Some sites ask you to subscribe to receive  email updates  while others allow you to subscribe to an RSS feed.To subscribe to an RSS feed you’ll need an RSS reader.

Check out this article for an intro to RSS There are lots of RSS readers available and many of them are free. Google reader is a web-based RSS reader (which means that you can access material from any computer). It includes a number of features including a good search facility and the option to set up folders. It’s also easy to use Google reader although you will have to sign up for a Google account (this is free).

Check out  for more info on Google reader, including instructions for signing up for a Goggle account. You can also check out for instructions for adding ‘feeds’ to your Google reader.

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