new-year-imageweb.jpgMake it a productive new year by getting more out of IT  – here’s how

ITD would like to wish the UNE community a happy and productive new year. It will be a busy new year for ITD with the continuation of the UNE data network upgrade, the introduction of a new learning management system including a web presence for all units and the electronic submission and screening of assignments.

This is also the year to get organised and get more out of IT. This year the ITD news blog will include a series of features to help you get more out of IT. This will start with a get more out of Google series. From Google calendar to Google reader to Google alerts there are loads of new products that can help make your study or research more efficient.

Why not start by exploring Google reader to automatically get updates to this blog and other frequently updated web content. Google reader will allow you to subscribe to your favourite sites and automatically get new content delivered to you.

To check out Google reader go to and look for the navigation bar along the top right. You’ll have to go to more and scroll down to find Google reader. If you don’t already have a Google account you’ll have to create one (this is free).

Once you’ve found Google reader it’s easy to search for content or add a subscription. To get this blog automatically for example just click on add subscription and insert the address

Because Google products are web based you will be able to see your updates wherever you are which is particularly convenient if you use a number of different computers.

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