PhD update – Zac

My temperature controlled chambers have been completed and are ready for the effects of temperature on dung beetle experiment. They work very well and I have high hopes for them. Currently I’m just waiting for beetle season to commence before beginning the experiment. In meantime I have been sorting through samples from my altitudinal gradient Read More…

Dung beetle presentation available online

A movie of the dung beetle presentation given by Nigel at Intecol, SICB and Australian Ecological Society meetings is available online Andrew, Nigel; Hemmings, Zac (2014): Dung beetles:biology, resource competition and responses to environmental change. figshare.

Remote talk at Ent Soc America

Nigel and Zac presented their Dung Beetle Research as a remote talk at the Entomological Society of America in Austin, Texas. How is dung beetle biology, resource competition and responses to environmental change currently being assessed globally? as part of the Member Symposium: Coming Together to Break it Down: A Global Perspective on Decomposers

New Publication – Meat Ants

Accepted in the Journal of Insect Physiology Andrew, N.R., Hart, R.A., Jung, M.-P., Hemmings, Z., Terblanche, J.S., in press. Can temperate insects take the heat? A case study of the physiological and behavioural responses in a common ant, Iridomyrmex purpureus (Formicidae), with potential climate change. Journal of Insect Physiology. Congrats to Zac (first publication), Rob Read More…

Insect Ecology lab talks at the UNE Zoology research day

The Insect Ecology Lab was part of the UNE Zoology Research Day to showcase the research being carried out in Zoology@UNE The day’s research theme was called “What you do in Zoo?” Talks from the lab included included Matt Binns Examining the influence of climate on Thysanoptera community composition and morphology Michelle Yates Parasitoid and Read More…