School of Ants update

School of Ants – Kirsti Abbott and Sarah Hill Throughout the year, School of Ants has been engaging with citizens scientists across Australian to conduct a year long ecological project collecting data on the diet of dominant ground foraging ants in backyards, school grounds and adjacent bushland plots. As discussed in a previous lab update Read More…

New publication for lab – 4 hours into 2013!

A great way for 2013 to start. “Assessing insect responses to climate change: What are we testing for? Where should we be heading?” (#2012:10:11:1:0:REVIEW), has been accepted for publication. NIGEL R. ANDREW, SARAH J. HILL, MATTHEW BINNS, MD HABIBULLAH. BAHAR, EMMA V. RIDLEY, MYUNG-PYO JUNG, CHRIS FYFE, MICHELLE YATES, AND MOHAMMAD KHUSRO