Paper accepted in Oecologia

Gibb H., Stoklosa J., Warton D. I., Brown A. D., Andrew N. R. & Cunningham S. A. (in press) Does morphology predict trophic position and habitat use of ant species and assemblages? Oecologia, accepted 15 September 2014.

Paper accepted in Austral Ecology

Gibb H., Muscat D., Binns M., Silvey C. J., Peters R. A., Warton D. I. & Andrew N. R. (in press) Responses of foliage-living spider assemblage composition and traits to an environmental gradient in Themeda grasslands. Aust. Ecol., Accepted 26th August 2014.

‘School of Ants’ Citizen Science project now live!

This week our School of Ants national citizen science project has gone live. You can access it at and we encourage you to register if you feel so inclined. The site will go through several phases to include an interactive map to allow contributors to see their data. There have already been 12 schools Read More…