PhD submissions

Matt and Behnaz have both submitted their PhD’s for examination in the last few weeks – its a huge achievement for them both! Congrats

PhD update – Matt Binns

I am about to submit my thesis assessing the response of grassland Thysanoptera to climate. Thysanoptera were collected from Themeda triandra grasslands across a climatic gradient in NSW and Victoria, Australia across four seasons. The R package mvabund was used to determine how different species are associated with different environmental variables, and how environmental variables Read More…

Paper accepted in Austral Ecology

Gibb H., Muscat D., Binns M., Silvey C. J., Peters R. A., Warton D. I. & Andrew N. R. (in press) Responses of foliage-living spider assemblage composition and traits to an environmental gradient in Themeda grasslands. Aust. Ecol., Accepted 26th August 2014.

New publication for lab – 4 hours into 2013!

A great way for 2013 to start. “Assessing insect responses to climate change: What are we testing for? Where should we be heading?” (#2012:10:11:1:0:REVIEW), has been accepted for publication. NIGEL R. ANDREW, SARAH J. HILL, MATTHEW BINNS, MD HABIBULLAH. BAHAR, EMMA V. RIDLEY, MYUNG-PYO JUNG, CHRIS FYFE, MICHELLE YATES, AND MOHAMMAD KHUSRO

Insect Ecology lab talks at the UNE Zoology research day

The Insect Ecology Lab was part of the UNE Zoology Research Day to showcase the research being carried out in Zoology@UNE The day’s research theme was called “What you do in Zoo?” Talks from the lab included included Matt Binns Examining the influence of climate on Thysanoptera community composition and morphology Michelle Yates Parasitoid and Read More…

Ecological Society of Australia conference

Sandia, Matt and Nigel are presenting their research as ESA in Melbourne this week. Sandia was giving out lots of stickers at the poster and wine night for her poster Ant community composition along the Gwydir catchment elevational gradient Matt is talking on Tuesday about some of his PhD research Predicting the effect of climate Read More…

Aug/Sept updates

The Insect Ecology Lab hosted Nicholas Aebischer and John Holland from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, UK from the 31st July to the 10th August 2012. The visit included three seminars at UNE, and lab members: Graham Hall, Michelle Yates and Rachel Waugh showing the colleagues potential sites including farm ecosystems around North West Read More…