Who talks about authorship on scientific manuscripts?

Talking about authorship As Editor-in-Chief of Austral Ecology (published by Wiley), I have been giving some ‘Writing for Publication’ workshops worldwide. Part of the workshop is talking about authorship guidelines. One thing that became clear was that Wrly Career Researchers (ECR’s) attending the workshop had not had a conversation about authorship with their supervisors or Read More…

The ants go marching …

What do some of our smallest creatures have to tell us about the bigger impacts of climate change? A great deal, it turns out, says Professor Nigel Andrew, from the University of New England’s Insect Ecology Lab. He believes the common meat ant, found in large numbers across much of Australia, may prove an accurate Read More…

Farewell to Nicolas

The lab has farewelled Nicolas with a lab dinner at the Red Grapevine after 5 months internship in the lab carrying out ant oxygen limitation and thermolimit research. We have very much appreciated your thoughtfulness and great work over this short time

Congrats to Behnaz

Behnaz’s first publication from her PhD has been accepted in PeerJ The physiological consequences of varied heat exposure events in adult Myzus persicae: a single prolonged exposure compared to repeated shorter exposures well done!

PhD submissions

Matt and Behnaz have both submitted their PhD’s for examination in the last few weeks – its a huge achievement for them both! Congrats