Nigel is currently overseas visiting colleagues and attending workshops.

Nigel was invited to SLU – the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden to visit Dr Alva Curtsdotter, a biological modeller, and also gave a seminar on his research.
Whilst at SLU Nigel also caught up with Prof Tomas Roslin. They collaborated on the Dummy Caterpillar’ project which was published the day of Nigel’s seminar in the journal Science. A link to the papers press release is here.
Currently Nigel is attending an Intensive DEB workshop, 21 – 31 May 2017 Tromsø, Norway. This is an advanced training course on Dynamic Energy Budget theory. The objective is to train participants in estimating DEB model parameters for their species during 8 days. Trainees are together in Tromsø and interact with skilled scientists actively involved in applying DEB to their own research. The teaching team will present lectures on applications of the theory in a variety of fields: environmental quality management, ecology, fisheries, population dynamics. It is also the ideal format for networking and strengthening international cooperation.
SLU presentation

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