Insect Ecology lab talks at the UNE Zoology research day

The Insect Ecology Lab was part of the UNE Zoology Research Day to showcase the research being carried out in Zoology@UNE

The day’s research theme was called “What you do in Zoo?”

Talks from the lab included included

Matt Binns Examining the influence of climate on Thysanoptera community composition and morphology
Michelle Yates Parasitoid and pollinator services within an agro-ecosystem in NSW
Isobel Roberts Plant-Insect Interactions: Volatile mediated communication
Sandia Wong Patterns of ant species richness along an elevation gradient in the Gwydir catchment
Zac Hemmings Thermal tolerance in ants
Graham Hall Quail management in Australia – the great unknown
Nigel Andrew Testing insect responses to climate change: can they be predicted across time, space and taxa?

Former lab members, Minh, Rachel and Nereda also turned up for the Zoology Christmas lunch post talks.

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