Mixed-mode and International. Interview with Sushma Tandukar, 2020 Master of Nursing Practice Graduate.

Being a mixed-mode student definitely comes with its up’s and down’s, and being an international student on top of that means the need for accessible assistance is paramount. It can be hard to find the balance between study and life because for many mixed-mode students, there is no differentiation between study mode and work mode. For 2020 Masters of Nursing Practice Graduate Sushma Tandukar, being a mixed-mode student gave her the ability for new beginnings and exciting opportunity. We spent some time with Sushma to find out all about her time as a mixed-mode and international student.

Being a mixed-mode and international student takes persistence and resilience. Not having face to face contact can seem like a disadvantage. For Sushma, living in Taree and doing her Master’s online was not easy, but she was not alone because she had access to UNE Taree. “I did use the Taree UNE Study Centre. This study centre has helped me a lot for doing my assignments and also for my online exams.” UNE Taree, along with many other UNE study centres across the country, provide many online/mixed-mode students the opportunity to have face to face assistance for assignments and exams.

Even though 2020 made traveling pretty much impossible, online systems prevailed. Sushma was able to utilise many of the on-campus services, including our very own UNE Employability and Careers. “I got a lot of help and guidance from UNE Careers. They helped me in preparing my resume and they also make students up to date with the new grad position available which is very helpful for the students.” Along with the on-campus services, Sushma found that UNE was very proactive in their outreach when many students had to convert to mixed-mode. “I got an email from UNE Careers regarding the vacancy for new grad so UNE plays an important role for getting this new grad position.”

Since graduating with a Master’s in Nursing Practice, Sushma has been fortunate enough to have successfully received graduate employment at the Mayo and Forster Private Hospital. “Since I am working as a new grad, the clinical nurse educator is always there for support and guidance. However, I have to work on the ward and look after the patients’ fulfilling all the roles and responsibilities of RN.” Sushma said that transitioning from “university to work was a bit challenging,” but through sticking with it and getting into a work schedule, you will be fine.

“I like nursing since the role of a nurse is really challenging as well as interesting. Not only this, but the key part of this profession is the ability to make difference or change in someone’s life.”

Sushma can attest that the journey that she has been on has not been easy, but there were so many people to help her out along the way. She also suggests that being organised and well prepared was the secret ingredient to her success in her new position. “The best advice I would like to give is to prepare a good resume which you can seek help from UNE and also you should be proactive and keep applying wherever possible.” She also said to make sure that students constantly check online job sites and the NSW Heath website. “There are lots of job opportunities available in NSW Health website and other website like SEEK, Indeed and so on.”

Thank you Sushma for speaking with us about your story as a mixed-mode and international student. It’s so wonderful to see how far you’ve come and how much more you will achieve in the future. If you have any questions regarding UNE study or career outcomes, email careers@une.edu.au, and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular posts and updates!

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