Forthcoming title arises from the ashes of the bushfires

UNE scholars join forces with leading academics from around the world to Rethink Wilderness and the Wild.

Rethinking Wilderness and the Wild: Conflict, Conservation and Co-existence book coverEdited by Robyn Bartel, Marty Branagan, Fiona Utley and Stephen Harris, Rethinking Wilderness and the Wild will be published by Routledge in November 2020.

The text examines the complexities surrounding the concept of wilderness and offers a unique and innovative contribution to engender transformations of wilderness scholarship, activism and conservation policy. The abiding and uniting logic of the book is to refute the inherent privileging and exclusionary tactics of dominant modes of enquiry that too often serve to silence non-human and contrary positions. It reveals a multi-faceted and contingent wilderness alive with agency, diversity and possibility.

Rethinking Wilderness and the Wild will be of great interest to students and scholars of conservation, environmental and natural resource management, indigenous studies and environmental policy and planning. Similarly, environmental practitioners, policymakers and NGOs involved in conservation, protected environments and environmental governance will also find this text significant and relevant.

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