Feeding the mind and feeding the future: Jessica’s scholarship journey

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Jessica Fearnley, from Bathurst in central western NSW, had an issue. She wanted to follow her passion in agriculture – more specifically the field of sustainable agriculture – but financing her dream was an issue.

The answer? Jessica applied for, and was successful in gaining a scholarship, specifically the Dan Spence Memorial Agriculture Scholarship for Duval College – a scholarship designed to assist agriculture and natural resource students in pursuing their study ambitions.

“I applied for the scholarship because I was in need for financial assistance starting uni, having not taken a gap year,” Jessica said.

“I was also interested in the networks I could make at scholarship luncheons that came with being awarded the scholarship.”

The scholarship allowed Jessica to focus on her busy schedule without having to worrying about fitting in a part-time job.

“It has allowed myself to take advantage of opportunities such as doing [additional] courses run by the university like pregnancy testing in cattle,” she said.

“UNE has some of the best facilities for agriculture students, the opportunities and networks that can be taken advantage of are so diverse, and lecturers are enthusiastic and keen to help and answer any questions you have.”

Apart from her studies, Jessica has been busy making contacts in the Rural Science Undergraduate Society which helps with job searching, practical experience and social events.

“With so many different people from all over the country the friendships you make will help you in all future careers,” she said.

“I would highly recommend taking the advantages that UNE give to the ‘Aggies’.”

Jessica is currently halfway through her degree with two years remaining, but she is already looking to the future.

“I have so many choices of where I would like to go after graduating,” she said.

“I would love to develop new technologies that will help feed generation 2050 because I feel this is so important for the future of the world.

“Who knows where I’ll end up? That’s exciting!”

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