Welcome to UNE’s Ecological Humanities blog

June 30, 2011


What constutites the Ecological Humanities, and what is UNE doing in this area?  This blog is a tool to define and answer those very questions!

In 2014, Arts New England will co-host an international conference on the eco-humanities; as a road-map to that conference, the Ecological Humanities blog (eco-hum, for short) will help to structure our planning and preparation for an enjoyable and successful programme of events and to help define pathways for collaborative research.  Please use this blog to contribute to the research project and to find information relating to our work.

All initial enquiries can be sent to Dr Tom Bristow, School of Arts, UNE.  Email: tom.bristow@une.edu.au

1. The Ecological Humanities reading group

2. Arts New England ‘Eco-Hum’ symposia

3. Invited Speakers

4. [Affiliated UNE] Research groups

5. Post-graduate scholars

6. Envisioning 2014: conference colloquia

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