Plagiarism Detection Issues using Turnitin

There are two different tools we use for Turnitin in Moodle. The first is a tool that allows students to check draft copies of their assignments using Turnitin before they submit their final files for marking. This tool was developed at UNE and has worked very well from the start and is an improvement on […]


Camtasia is screen recording software which can be used in a variety of ways – recording ‘lectures’, demonstrating practical processes etc. The software can be downloaded in trial from from the website: Camtasia is very easy to use and can be saved in a variety of formats including mp4. If you are interested in […]

Update: Blackboard to Moodle

A template has been developed for the New and Revitalised units being taught in Tri1/Sem1 as a transitional step between Blackboard and Moodle (which will be used for teaching from Tri2 onwards)

Revitalising Learning Program

The Revitalising Learning Program encompasses a number of projects including: Moodle (Teaching and Learning) Moodle (Research & Communities) Mahara Rich Media (esp Podcasts/ vodcasts); and New & Revitalised courses/ units

Update: Where to next for Ed Dev in BEPP???

You may be wondering what we’ve been doing here in Ed. Dev headquarters in the School of BEPP…. With the decision to delay the implementation of Moodle we’ve had our heads down rewriting our rollout plans for the New and Revitalised units in the School.

We’ve been Moodling….

The Ed Dev team is back from Melbourne where we attended the 2010 Moodlemoot. It was a very interesting week and certainly gave us an insight into the world of Moodle, who else is using it and how, as well as opening the doors to Moodle 2.0 which is the version UNE will be going […]

News: Team Progress

The Educational Development team has created a plan of action for the development and design of units in Moodle and the corresponding training and support this will entail. This process is entwined with current curriculum mapping exercises and the overarching UNE Flexible and Online project. The survey (see below) will assist in this exercise and […]

NEWS: Moodle Implementation Information Seminar

The next Information Research Group meeting will be in Lewis Lecture Theatre ( ), from 1 to 2pm on Friday, 28th May 2010. The topic will be “The Moodle Implementation” with a presentation from Myles Carrick our newly recruited Project Officer who will answer questions on the project plan, technical aspects of implementation, overall design […]

NEWS: Moodle, Mahara and Equella

One of the best aspects of this Ed Development work is that there is a great spirit of sharing between the Educational Developers on campus. Ray Smith in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has a blog too and this post comes courtesy of him (I couldn’t have said it better myself!) I’ve added a […]

NEWS: VLE Project Manager appointed

The VLE has a Project Manager! Myles Carrick started work at UNE last week and brings with him great Moodle credentials and experience. We look forward to working with Myles and his team as we rollout our new and improved units.

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