Development for Trimester 1

Administrative/ Educational Development staff in the School have been working towards a deadline of pre Christmas for unit development for Trimester 1, 2012 to be completed. There are still a few units with material outstanding and it would be great if we could have any outstanding material next week. We have around 15 units still […]

Student Access in Moodle Sites

Student access in Moodle sites will continue for enrolled participants until the official end of Semester/ Trimester (following exams) when students are ‘unenrolled’ through Callista. Students with SETs or SPEs that have been processed through the Student Centre will retain access to the site for the period of their extension. Students with informal SETs or […]

Adobe Connect, Camtasia – Equipment Available

To facilitate the use of online interactivity and resource development in teaching and learning activities ie using Adobe Connect and Camtasia, 6 high quality webcams have been purchased for use within the School (thanks to the Pearson project). This equipment is available for loan from the Educational Development team.

Trimester 1 2012 Development

Moodle Units Development of Moodle units is progressing nicely. Both GSB and BEPP admin teams have been working towards creating an overall ‘look and feel’ which is consistent in all units in the School, and to providing further interactivity and engaging offerings for our students. It i s anticipated that all units in Moodle will […]

TurnItIn – continuing issues

There are still some issues with TurnItIn in some units. If you are unable to see TurnItIn scores in Moodle, log in to TurnItIn via the link at the top of the assignment submissions page. If a similarity report is not visible here either, there is a workaround that you can action to upload assignments […]

Summer Semester

Units being offered in Summer Semester were released in Moodle on Monday. However, enrolments only commenced today! The School has 10 units being offered for this teaching period.

Creating and Uploading Podcasts/ Vodcasts into Moodle

Recording your lectures or summaries of aspects of your unit (podcasts) is supported by the Teaching and Learning Centre (in the case of lecture audio recordings) or within the School if required. To arrange lecture recordings, please contact TLC. The audio technicians will organise the recordings as well as uploading them to the Media Server. […]

Educational Development Social Media Initiative

The Educational Development team is trialing the use of social media in Myee Gregory’s seminar tomorrow for MM200 students. Lou has forwarded information about the seminar previously to bepp_all, but I have included it again below for your information.

Asssignment Submission in Moodle

Based on a recent sample of assignments that have been submitted across all schools it has been found that almost 3% of these submissions have not been completed by the student. After uploading a file the student must press the “Send for marking” button and confirm that the file/s are ready for marking, which has […]

Training Session: Groups and Groupings

There will be a session on Groups and Groupings in the Red Computer Lab (W42) on Monday 24th October at 10.30am. This session will cover: ♦  setting up groups and groupings in Moodle ♦  using groups and groupings to separate activities/ resources for different cohorts ♦  using the ‘Choose your own group’ function All welcome! […]

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