Adobe Connect, Camtasia – Equipment Available

To facilitate the use of online interactivity and resource development in teaching and learning activities ie using Adobe Connect and Camtasia, 6 high quality webcams have been purchased for use within the School (thanks to the Pearson project). This equipment is available for loan from the Educational Development team.

Creating and Uploading Podcasts/ Vodcasts into Moodle

Recording your lectures or summaries of aspects of your unit (podcasts) is supported by the Teaching and Learning Centre (in the case of lecture audio recordings) or within the School if required. To arrange lecture recordings, please contact TLC. The audio technicians will organise the recordings as well as uploading them to the Media Server. […]

UPDATE: Camtasia, TLC workshops and other news

If you would like to use Camtasia for filming screenshots and linking audio with you powerpoints please let the Ed Development team know -we are currently considering the best way to purchase licenses.