Trimester 1 2012 Development

Moodle Units

Development of Moodle units is progressing nicely. Both GSB and BEPP admin teams have been working towards creating an overall ‘look and feel’ which is consistent in all units in the School, and to providing further interactivity and engaging offerings for our students. It i s anticipated that all units in Moodle will be uploaded before the Christmas break, which will allow staff to review/ revise during January. Units for Trimester 1 next year are released to students on 06 February.

Pearson Showcase Units

As you all know, there are 4 units from the Graduate School of Business that are being offered in Learning Studio in Trimester 1, 2012. These are GSB701 (Accounting), GSB731 (Marketing), GSB739 (Human Resources) and GSB751 (Ethics).  The unit co-ordinators for these units are Brent Gregory, Fredy-Roberto Valenzuela, Theresa Smith-Ruig and Josie Fisher.

The most recent development in the Pearson project is the presentation of the ‘Proof of Concept (POC)’ by Pearson. The POC is essentially the template that will be used to develop all other units in Learning Studio. This template was prepared with reference to the GSB Unit Template Guidelines for Moodle, which involved considerable work by GSB staff in specifying a standardised approach to the development of their units.

Over the next week or so there will be a consultative process to review the POC to reach an agreed template for these 4 units with which to move forward.  The 4 showcase units will then be migrated to the UNE LearningStudio environment according to the conventions of the agreed POC and delivered back to UNE for review and sign-off on the integrity of the conversion.  The POC will be used as a basis to for other Schools (Education, Health and Law) to develop their own POC as appropriate.

If you are interested in seeing what the POC (and Learning Studio platform) looks like, please contact Alison, Terry, Naomi or Sue.

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