Report on Social Media ‘Experiment’

On October 25, Lou Conway organised for Myee Gregory to present a seminar on Social Enterprise: Building Sustainable Communities to her MM200 students in the School of Business, Economics and Public Policy. Myee’s presentation included a preview of her film ‘The High Road’ which documents the work of Sarah Taylor in assisting a Nepalise village […]

Educational Development Social Media Initiative

The Educational Development team is trialing the use of social media in Myee Gregory’s seminar tomorrow for MM200 students. Lou has forwarded information about the seminar previously to bepp_all, but I have included it again below for your information.

Asssignment Submission in Moodle

Based on a recent sample of assignments that have been submitted across all schools it has been found that almost 3% of these submissions have not been completed by the student. After uploading a file the student must press the “Send for marking” button and confirm that the file/s are ready for marking, which has […]

Training Session: Groups and Groupings

There will be a session on Groups and Groupings in the Red Computer Lab (W42) on Monday 24th October at 10.30am. This session will cover: ♦  setting up groups and groupings in Moodle ♦  using groups and groupings to separate activities/ resources for different cohorts ♦  using the ‘Choose your own group’ function All welcome! […]

Plagiarism Detection Issues using Turnitin

There are two different tools we use for Turnitin in Moodle. The first is a tool that allows students to check draft copies of their assignments using Turnitin before they submit their final files for marking. This tool was developed at UNE and has worked very well from the start and is an improvement on […]

Exporting and Importing Grades in Moodle

Instructions for exporting and importing grades in to gradebook in Moodle EXPORT Go to Settings > Grades > select Export to Excel Spreadsheet from the drop-down menu on the Export options page, deselect all grading activities except the one activity you wish to enter grades for. Other defaults can be left as-is. Click Submit to […]