2021, Volume 24, Paper 9
ISSN: 2209-661

An Exploratory Study of Covid-19 and its Effect on Vegetable Consumption at Selected Locations in Indonesia

Nur Fajrina – PT East West Seeds Indonesia, West Java, Indonesia. Email: nurfajrina@panahmerah.id
Derek Baker – UNE Centre for Agribusiness, University of New England Business School, Armidale NSW, Australia. Email: derek.baker@une.edu.au
R.R. Rukmowati Brotodjojo – Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Email: brotodjojo@upnyk.ac.id


Concerns over low vegetable consumption in Indonesia are particularly pronounced in the context of COVID-19’s likely restrictions on both supply and demand. Our survey (n=1201) explored the impact of COVID-19 on purchases of a variety of named vegetable products, across the country’s main islands, and across income levels and employment status. Respondents‘ awareness of the health benefits of vegetables was found to be high. Availability of vegetables was found to be sufficient, even abundant, during the pandemic. Application of Paired t-tests and ANOVA found few statistically significant effects of the pandemic on vegetable purchasing behaviour. Recommendations for extension of our findings are presented.

Key words: vegetable purchase; COVID-19; vegetable consumption; Indonesia.

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