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Yet still I run…

Posted in Ramblings on July 17, 2012 by rwaters8

Yet still I run…

…The cold air of this winters morning fills my lungs and grabs hold of my breath hard. It is as if the air is trying to steal my breath from within my chest, yet still I run…

The sun was slowly getting ready to start her journey across the sky; she raised her orange head above horizons edge and from my window I could see her getting ready. I too was readying myself for the day.

I travelled down the elevator into the foyer and being early morning the only others I saw were the two garbage men outside clearing the waste of yesterday and the bleary eyed young woman behind the desk at reception. “Good morning sir” she said,  “good morning Sue” I reply, she looked puzzled that I would know her name; I knew it was early, and I know she would eventually realize that I was reading her name tag.

I set off on my run down Phillip St and through Martin Place and at that hour Channel 7 were starting their aptly named early morning show ‘Sunrise’. Do I or don’t I? I thought about sticking around and seeing if I could get my head on TV through the window behind the reporters, but it was cold and I didn’t want to cool down too much so I continued my run.

Following the building traffic down another city street, the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge greets me as I round the corner. What a pretty place this Sydney is; I sometimes wonder, if the people who are riding the busses or the ones in their cars or the people on their bikes navigating the traffic, ever take the time to realize just how pretty she is..

It’s at the end of this street and under the expressway that I found myself at the waters edge looking out across the water at the bridge. It was then I realized that beneath all of this concrete and under all the steel that surrounds this part of Sydney Harbour lays the land where the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation call home.  Across to the right I followed the path and came to a place where I could see the Sydney Opera House shining in the morning sun, it sat almost majestic in the dawn, and it sat on a piece of land that was apparently given to and named after an Eora man, a piece of land that he did not own, a piece of land that, in his ways owned him… Bennelong Point.  

On my phone I capture an image of the suns orange and red rays fighting off the last of the early morning darkness and when I reach the other side of the Opera House I head up the path to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Like an invisible wall I am met by the strong wind and it is here that the cold air of this winters morning fills my lungs and grabs hold of my breath hard. It is as if the air is trying to steal my breath from within my chest, yet still I run…

The Biggest Loser – Sharif Deen in Armidale Friday 6th of July

Posted in Uncategorized on July 4, 2012 by rwaters8

Yaama Bloggers,

Guess who is coming to Armidale this Friday the 6th of July?

I will give you a couple of clues

  1. He was on the 2006 series of The Biggest Loser
  2. He was a finalist and lost a total of 72.5kgs
  3. He runs his own personal training business
  4. He is pictured below
  5. His name is in the title if this blog post

Still dont know…  gee thats a worry.

Anyways, Sharif Deen will be here in Armidale on Friday afternoon (before the Armidale Mr and Ms NAIDOC)  to run a training session for the Blackest Loser weight loss challenge team. After the training session there will be ample time for you and the rest of the community to come along and get some photos and have a yarn with Sharif.

For more information please don’t hesitate to call me on 6773 3367 or send an email to

Talk Soon

Rob Waters


Posted in community on July 2, 2012 by rwaters8

Yaama Bloggers,

Just wishing you all a very happy NAIDOC week; please keep in mind the theme this year “The spirit of the Tent Embassy: 40 years on”, and remember the hard work and sacrifices of the past that have brought us to where we are today.  

Also remember that this week is our week to celebrate the beauty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures, this week is our week to stand up and be recognized and this above all is our week to shine…

Have a great week all, and remember…

Take care of yourself, each other and your community.