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Armidale Reconcilliation Bridge Walk

Yesterday was a warm autumn day here in Armidale; the kind of day where you want to go somewhere nice, find a bit of sunshine and a few friends to share it with. Yesterday we did just that. My partner Vanessa, our daughter Analeise and I went to the Armidale Arboretum for the third annual bridge walk for reconciliation. The crowd began gathering at about 11:30am for the walk over the bridge which was inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge reconciliation walk of May 2000.

I was asked two weeks earlier to speak at the event, so I felt that I would be prepared and made some notes on what I would talk about. I remember leaving my notes on the coffee table so I wouldn’t forget where they were, and sure enough I remembered exactly where they were as I stepped up to the microphone…. They still were on the coffee table at home, so much for being prepared huh?

Both local papers were there providing coverage and taking heaps of photographs, and apparently the speech went down favorably even though I forgot my notes.

The day turned out very well; the weather turned on a brilliant autumn day, we got to go somewhere nice, we found a bit of sunshine and we met a few new friends to share it with…

Many thanks to ANTaR for their commitment to the process of reconciliation and thank you again for the invite. 

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