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Where to find a smile

“Have a great day and remember if you see someone without a smile give them one of yours :)”

 Yaama Bloggers,

I received the above saying at the bottom of an email this morning and you know what? It got me thinking.  I got thinking about the infectious nature of a smile and how they often turn up in the most unexpected places.

I remember a trip away to Sydney with my Son, whom is wise beyond his years, when he showed me that you can find a smile in the funniest of places.  Jayden (or Bear as we call him) and I had flown down to Sydney to watch the West Tigers play South Sydney at the SFS and started the day by heading down to Maroubra beach, where we had milkshakes, gelato and watched the waves before the big game.

The game was great, well kind of great; we had sideline tickets that were close enough to just about talk to the players. But this was the game were new recruit Dylan Farrell scored a hat trick on debut for the Bunnies and broke the hearts of Tigers fans everywhere by scoring his last try on fulltime to win the match…. Bear and I are two such supporters. Though we still left smiling as it was his first live footy match.

After the Big Game

The next morning we got up early for our flight home to Coffs Harbour and arrived at the Airport at around 630AM. We got there just in time to see “FLIGHT CLOSED” flash up on the notice boards. There was nothing they could do and we had to wait all day until the afternoon flight. The smile had left my face and I honestly felt that I had disappointed my Son. After breakfast we went to watch the new A380’s and Jumbo’s fly in and out, had a sleep on the floor of the departure lounge and waited for what seemed like an eternity.  

About lunchtime and for the 14th time, I apologised to Bear about the mix up; and with all the wisdom of a 10yr old he replied to me “Don’t worry about it Dad, I’ve had fun and anyway I reckon we never turned up late for our flight, we just turned up 8hrs early”. With a smile I realised that what mattered most to Bear wasn’t that everything had to be perfect, but that everything was perfect just the way it was.

Today when I received that email it reminded me that we can find smiles in the funniest of places; we can find smiles in the wisdom of our children, we can find them in the love of our family and sometimes, even when you’re not looking, you can find a smile right under your nose.

 Take care of yourselves, each other and your community…

Rob Waters

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