The importance of nicknames

When I was a boy, my older brothers called me Babe. The names they and their high school pals had for each other and their pals were more negative — these included Lard and The Nose. When I reached high school a friend started calling me Snowgoose (for no specific reason). The name stuck, and […]

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Are you more of a negative thinker or a positive thinker?

My recent posting on using mistakes as learning opportunities is consistent with positive thinking. Some individuals habitually look on the bright side of events. I am usually in that category. Other individuals tend to look on the dark side, often with the result of experiencing strong negative emotions, according to research findings. Which way do […]

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Making mistakes

Did you ever make a big mistake? I just finished an excellent 2010 bio of George Washington. I have also read bios of Hunter Thompson, John Nash (A Beautiful Mind), Einstein, Newton, etc. One thing that I have noticed is that great individuals sometimes make great mistakes. The most productive individuals treat important errors as […]

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