BLUE STOCKING WEEK: Debate – ‘Is It Enough to Hate Men?’; details

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Via Debra O’brien at the Academic Skills Office: “Is It Enough to Hate Men?” Or we should we do more?

A fun-filled and furious feminist fight (well, debate, but I’m loving the alliteration) at The Bistro on Wednesday 15 Augusts at 1pm to celebrate Blue Stocking Week. Come and see if academia has dried up anyone’s uterus, or caused beard growth.”



  • Sav Ban says:

    I’m off campus … any chance of YouTubing it aftewards?

  • F. D. says:

    I agree, it would be great to see it recorded.

  • N.G says:

    I think that this kind of debate of hating men is really disgusting, and this type of debating behavior shows that women have simply not grown up! Perhaps, the title ought to be changed to, ‘Is it enough to hate Women’.

    If this is some kind of joke, then it is not terribly amusing. I am sick of all this feminist rubbish – it is out of date! Yes, I know, it is just a debate to mark the beginning of this ridiculous blue week. Ha ha! I won’t be attending!

    It is ashame that women in this country still have serious problems when dealing with men. So much for equality, it does not exist.

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