GRADUATION: Spring Grad update; RSVP if you’re going to attend; details

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With about 10 weeks to go until the Spring round of Graduation Ceremonies, we currently have 782 eligible graduands and still more being assessed by staff in Enrolments and Progression.

For those of you who have already received your invitation to attend your graduation ceremony, which is emailed to your UNE account, simply log in to myUNE > myEnrol > My Graduation Ceremony, and let us know whether or not you’re attending. (If you get a message telling you that the cut-off date has passed, it just means that the system hasn’t attached a ceremony number to your student record, and we can do this manually for you, so just contact the Graduation Team via AskUNE and we’ll fix the problem straight away.) If you are attending, don’t forget to hire/buy your academic dress through Services UNE – this doesn’t automatically happen and is a separate process to letting us know you are attending, so don’t get caught out without the right dress on graduation day!

For more information about graduation at UNE, check out our webpage.




  • Nadia says:

    If you can’t make the graduation ceremony, when does the testiment get posted out?

    • ED says:

      Hi Nadia, normally postage starts immediately after the Ceremony and last for a couple of weeks or so (sometimes up to a month).


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