SERVICE QUALITY: Stats on the number of complaints; issue types; Jan-May 2012

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For a while we’ve been meaning to post stats relating to the number of complaints that are raised by students through the Service Quality Unit and the types of general issues they relate to – so here they are, the stats from 2012:








  • Shell says:

    Where’s the statistics from Semester 2 2011 please. I was told these would be made available to ensure the serious issues experienced in AMTH140 in Semester 2 2011 would be highlighted. Also, is this all the reporting information we are going to be seeing, I was given the impression of much more. Thanks in advance, as I’ve been waiting for this info since 6Sep2011 when it was promised. :)

  • Shell says:

    Clearly this doesn’t highlight anything to the students, it isn’t even broken up into Schools.

    • Jo says:

      Ditto! What does the table explain? Where ARE the statistics and details.

      It’s not telling us anything.

      Not a very academic summary!

  • ED says:

    I’ve asked for those as well MIchelle (as per our ongoing discussions).


  • Shell says:


  • Shell says:

    This could include, but not be limited to, such unit specific information as :)

    - unit evaluations
    - unit overall marks & exam marks (no names of course) & the number of students that recd each grade (eg: 2 HDs, 1 D, 1 C, 34 Ps, 30 Fails)
    - number of complaints (broken up appropriately, eg; by school / dept)

  • Shell says:

    Eg: the BI data Reporting like here which requires a staff login, contains info that is allowed to be viewed by students (a staff member checked with a legal team), yet we are not given the login to view it when we are permitted to via:


  • G says:

    What is essential is the outcomes and or resolution of the complaints. Looks like little effort and just an attempt to show pathetic stats, on the exact day after a complaint about your service was lodged. LMAO.

  • Wallie says:

    I agree, these stats do nothing par paint a picture of increasing complaints with no outcomes. The number should show an entire financial year of an academic year. You should probably think more in lines of being an ISO9001 accrediated before saying you are a Service Quality. You service has no quality.

  • Chris says:

    Re: increasing complaints, keep in mind that complaints would be more towards the end of a trimester than at the beginning. I would imagine the end of each trimester would have a spike in complaints.

    Ed, I applaud the intentions of transparency, but the comments make some valid points. The number of complaints up until Trimester 2 would be interesting to see. Also, I like Shell’s suggestion of showing the percentages of students in a unit that passed said unit. If you compared that to how many complaints were made about the unit (and at what point during the trimester the complaints were made), I think it would paint a truer picture of that particular unit.

    But I don’t know a Uni that does publish that sort of thing so doubt it is in UNE’s best interest to do so

    My opinion only :)

  • ED says:

    Thanks for the feedback folks :-) I’ll pass it on (as always).

    Ed – Student Support Team

  • Shell says:

    Eg: the BI data Reporting which requires a staff login, contains info that is allowed to be viewed by students (a staff member checked with a legal team) such as grades, pass rate, unit evaluation results, etc, yet we are not given the login to view it when we are permitted to via:
    The Freedom of Information Officer deals with all applications under the Freedom of Information Act 1989 (NSW). However, the University aims to encourage transparency by facilitating access to policy documents and personal records.
    They encourage transparency, but aren’t making the statistics visible to us … bit of a contradiction.

  • gschlute says:

    The “Quality” services unit is pathetic at the best to times. They are not here to help you they are here to make it look like there is a process involved.
    We should have stats on students satisfaction of the policies and process, not too mention the stats for appeals and complaints, ie student v uni. Again great work services unit I can only imagine how you would go in the private sector.

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