PEER MENTOR PROGRAM: New students, we have mentors waiting to help you!

Posted by | June 26, 2012 | News | 2 Comments

If you’re new to UNE, make sure you join the Peer Mentor Program. It’s a buddy system with existing students who can help you through the Transition to successful study at UNE (oh and it’s free as well!). It’s easy to join, simply send off an email to the Team via from your UNE email address, tell us what you’re studying and where you’re from and we’ll assign a mentor to you.

If you’re a returning student and you’re interested in Mentoring a new student, email us as let us know (it’s incredibly rewarding :-) )


  • Katrina Jamieson says:

    Hi, I would like to be put in contact with a Peer Mentor. I am Studying Batchelor of Animal Science and Veterinary Studies via distance from Penguin in Tasmania. This is my first Trimester.


  • Katherine says:

    Hi I am an extermal student from Taree NSW and I would like to have a mentor I studing computer science , software ingenierring. It woul be nice for me to keep in touch with someone that could give me advice and insides about the carrier.Thank u


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