GRADUATION: 10 things you need to know about the day …

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Steve from the Grad Team has his head down tying up all the last minute details for this weekend’s Ceremony. We caught up with him yesterday and got his ‘Top 10 Things You Need To Know About You Graduation Day’

  1. Register at the Tent at Booloominbah. Opens from 8am and we will give you your seat number
  2. You can’t leave campus after you have registered
  3. Collect gowns from ‘Stro (as in The Bistro)
  4. Registration closes 9.45am
  5. Be seated by 10.15am
  6. Ceremony starts 10.30am
  7. Will finish about 2 hours later
  8. Ceremony is outside so bring as many guests as you like
  9. The Grad website has Ceremony details
  10. Have a great day!

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