Enterprise Data Growth

November 16th, 2009 by Rob Hale Leave a reply »

I scored a seat at the Gartner Higher Education seminar today in Sydney which is a forerunner to their much larger Symposium ITXPO that runs from tomorrow.  The content was quite interesting, primarily centred around virtualisation and the use of Cloud Computing in higher education.  It finished with a panel discussion involving Sydney University and their own (very positive) experiences around the deployment of Microsoft mail to students.


One of the most interesting information slides for me was from Gartner’s Phil Sargeant who shared some Gartner research into enterprise data growth.  They currently believe that:

  • Enterprise Data Growth in the next 5 years is estimated to be 650%
  • 80% of this data will be unstructured data
  • 40 exabytes* of unstructured new information will be generated worldwide in 2009
  • The estimated average storage capacity growth in Australia in 2009 is 60%…
  • in 2010 they estimate it will be 62%

*(an EB is a billion GB)

I know we talk about huge data volumes in a dispassionate manner given our roles as information providers, but just looking at those numbers and reading them out again I can’t help but take it as a very timely reminder to build for the future and ensure everything is optimised for performance and scalability.  Could your warehouse ETL processes handle 7 times the current data volumes in just growth alone in 5 years without relying on technology performance improvements?


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