Twitter Stream Graph

May 18th, 2009 by Rob Hale Leave a reply »

I only realised yesterday after posting about Twitter Venn that Jeff Clark has also managed to create a Lee Byron-esque Stream Graph which can be customised to reflect Twitter data, or at least the last 1,000 tweets.

Taking our university theme from yesterday, here’s how the data looks – first a broad global analysis of Tweets with the word University, and then one with Australia and University.

Charles Sturt, RMIT, Sydney and Adelaide all get mentions which I’m speculating indicates something about their students. Not too sure what, however I’m impressed.

Just as a final example, the third graph shows the impact of a funding announcement by the us Dept of Defense

The Department of Defense (DoD) today announced plans to award 69 academic institutions $260 million over the next five years to perform multidisciplinary basic research.

One of those institutions was Johns Hopkins. If you doubted the use or validity of Twitter, perhaps this last example illustrates rather well that, like it or not, the content of tweets is certainly not trivial.


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