MSA on campus

MSA has a  small meeting room and shared use of a lounge area on campus.  It has swipe card access, so you need to be a registered member of MSA to be approved for access.

Swipe access means that UNE Safety and Security have a record of who’s in the space (the person who swipes for access is responsible for all others who enter with them) and the door locks once you’re inside, making it a safe space even after hours.

The lounge area contains a small fridge, a microwave and tea and coffee facilities, and also has computer terminals and an internal phone.  The meeting room has separate keyed access from the lounge area, but will be open for normally advertised MSA gatherings.

You can find our space by entering the westernmost door of Madgwick Hall.  Madgwick Hall is building C8 on campus maps, the building on the western side of the CampusEssentials building, or use the GPS coordinates [-30.485654, 151.643964]. The location is circled in red in the map below:

MSA room location

MSA room location

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