BBQ this afternoon

February 16, 2012

I couldn’t see (in a hurry) how to add a doc or pdf file to FB, so it’s here instead. The BBQ is in the Rural Med courtyard, and the map and full details are as per this.

News for 2012

February 2, 2012

We’re gearing up for O-week now, and all sorts of things are planned. The basic events are:
Tuesday 14th Feb, 10am – A stand at Lifesaver Day, Lazenby Hall
Wednesday 15th, 2pm – Information session in the Chancellery in Booloominbah (Bool for short)
Thursday 16th 5:30-7:30pm – Sausage sizzle, location yet to be determined.

As more people like us on Facebook (Mature Students Association, UNE) and once our website gets up and running, this blog will gradually fade out, so if ongoing information seems a bit sparse here, it’s because of that. I’ll try to run them all simultaneously over the changeover period, but I guarantee nothing 🙂

Tomorrow and yet to come

October 31, 2011

Tomorrow is our monthly lunch gathering in the Lounge, and since it just happens to fall on Melbourne Cup Day, all are invited to make it a long lunch and hang around to watch the Cup together.  Likewise, you can either BYO lunch as usual, or bring along something to share around for a more festive time.

14th December is the Armidale Lions Club Carols by Candlelight in Central Park (cnr Dangar and Barney Sts) and we hope to make up a group to go to that too.  (If the weather is unfriendly, as it often is, the fallback date is 21st December.)

Pretty soon (within a month or two) we hope to have an MSA webpage up and running on the UNE website, and we’ve just created a Facebook page too. As those get up and running this blog will eventually be phased out, although the static pages will remain for a time of overlap.

Still waters run deep

October 14, 2011

At this stage of the year, everyone’s got head down trying to complete assignments and start revising for exams, but I thought I’d pop in here to let you know that that doesn’t mean MSA is inactive.  In fact, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, as well as the monthly lunches.  Your Executive Committee has met three times now, and is working hard to build a bigger and better MSA ready for O-week next year.  We’re hoping to get an ad in the 2012 student diary, build a website that will be part of the UNE site, and stage an O-week event at the beginning of each trimester next year similar to the one at the start of 2011.

The Lounge space is getting homelier, with the addition of some pics on the wall and an electric wok, and we’re on the lookout for some nice lounges or armchairs for comfier seating.  Do make sure you’re a registered MSA member and fill in the swipe access form so you can use the space.  And, of course, if you do, leave it clean when you’ve finished.

Our next lunch gathering is on Tuesday 1st November at 1pm in the MSA Lounge – come along and join us (if you don’t have swipe access yet we’ll still let you in, and we’ll give you the form to fill in while you’re there).

Woohoo, we’ve got a home!

September 5, 2011

Look at the new page that’s just appeared on the blog menu!  We now have a home on campus.  No more turning up to a general space and wondering which group are the oldest bunch in the room, and how to ask “are you the oldies?” LOL  Now, if you turn up to our room at an advertised MSA meeting time, you’ll be able to find us really easily – we’ll be pretty much the only ones in there.

We do share the space with UNEG, but they use it more as a visiting point than a hanging-out place.

Thanks to Donna, who did much of the running around on campus to achieve this, Wayne Kratz (Student Support, who’s supplying our tea and coffee), Taden Kelliher (UNEG, who kindly accepted this invasion and even told us it would ease his isolation), Simon Paul (Services UNE, who arranged for the keys and approved it all), Alicia Zikan (UNE Council, who supplied the kettle and microwave, and who authorises the swipe access)… I think that’s everyone!

As you can see, organising it has been a mammoth coordination effort.  Approval of the space is on a calendar-year basis, so the more we use it the easier it will be to justify it continuing to be ours next year.


August 27, 2011

Five of us went to trivia at the Stro on Wednesday night (where were you, Ashley and Richard?) and had a great time. Jade reckoned she had a chance at the entertainment questions, which relieved the rest of us, who all disclaimed any expertise in that category.  Carolyn asserted firmly that the only thing she knew about was Canada, so we agreed that if by some outlandish fortune there were any questions on Canada they’d be hers to answer.

The first question we had to answer stumped us completely – what’s the name of your team?!  After tossing around about 20 options, we finally settled on The Hat Tricks, but considering how hard we’d worked to get that we were somewhat dismayed to find that didn’t even earn us a point 🙁

We had a rollercoaster night, being in last place after round 1, second last after round two, and were actually tied in 1st place after round 3, but the “sport” round which came next dropped us back to 4th, and the “youtube” round that followed took us back to 5th place.  A late rally with a “geography” round wasn’t enough to make up our losses, although we astonished the other teams by ROFL to a perfectly ordinary question – “what’s the capital of Canada?”

Our team  came 4th out of six teams, which we reckoned was pretty good considering we were the only team not googling the answers on our mobile phones 🙂

Would any of you have known the answers to these questions:
* What would you find in aisle 10 at Coles Armidale?
* How long does it take to travel from Adelaide to Darwin by camel?
* Who won the FIFA World Cup in 2010?
* How long is the song “Friday” by Rebecca Black?
* What UNE teams won gold in the Northern University Games in 2011?

If you know the answers to any of those, you should have been there!

There wasn’t actually that much dressing up among those attending, so if anyone chickened out of coming on that basis you’ll know better next time LOL.

It’s official!

August 18, 2011

Donna and I were notified this morning of the approval to affiliate, so MSSN is now officially the Mature Students Association.  I have also organised the new email address (this is for admin queries to the MSA Executive, not related to the mailing list) – it’s
msa at une dot edu dot au

We’re working on the possibility of being allocated a dedicated space on campus where we can hang out, and where it will be easier for newbies to find us, rather than them having to walk about the Breather asking “are you the oldies group?” LOL

It was fun

August 8, 2011

[said sternly] It was fun, wasn’t it?  Say yes!

Ok, maybe that’s a bit OTT.  But it really wasn’t too painful.  (The AGM, that is.)  Thanks to all those who were able to get there, and to those who sent apologies.  The minutes have gone out by email to the list, so most people will have received those.  If you read them you’ll know what happened 🙂

I’ve added a couple of links to the RH side of this page.  Do trust the Bureau of Meteorology’s weather forecasts – I’ve often looked at their forecast right before watching the evening (commercial channel) news and found the two differ, but the Bureau is almost always right.  Temperatures can vary by as much as 3-4 degrees depending on where in town you are (it gets colder at night and warmer during the day down in the valley in the centre of town than it does up on North and South Hill) but if you want to know whether to leave your washing out, or even whether the next day is a good day for doing any washing, and definitely whether you need to take your winter jacket when you go out today, the Bureau forecast is most helpful.

And if you need to know where to find any kind of organisation or service, the local council’s New Residents Guide is a great resource.  From doctors to tradesmen, and musical groups to secondhand stores; they’re pretty well all listed there.

Time flies…

June 19, 2011

…especially in the second half of a semester!

It’s almost the end of exams, but MSSN did manage a gathering on 7th June upstairs in the Stro, and decided then that we’d have a definite gathering on the first Tuesday of each month (unless there’s some reason not to – like in January when no-one’s around!) and a loose arrangement to check out the Stro any other Tuesday at 1pm to see if anyone else is there.  And Carolyn kindly offered to run some tai chi for anyone who turns up early and wants to embarrass themselves 🙂

There will be a gathering on 5th July (Tom and I are definite starters for that, so we hope others can come along), but I realise it’s in the holidays so if anyone wants to set up an end-of-exams beano beforehand, feel free LOL

Plans for turning into MSA are proceeding apace (lento rather than allegro, though 🙂 ) and at this stage our inaugural AGM is set for the first Tuesday in August, ie. 2nd August.  That will be advertised on UNE noticeboards and the MSSN mailing list closer to the date.

One of the requirements of becoming an Association will be to have a register of members, so I’ll also be posting out a membership form via the mailing list, because we’ll need to have a bit more detail from you than just your email address.  You will NOT have to be on campus or in town to be a registered member and able to vote.  Proxy voting will be welcome, so if you’re a distance student you can still get involved and have your say.

I’m off to update the calendar now.

It’s all happening

March 23, 2011

Ok, no it’s not yet, LOL.  But it’s all going to happen.  Soon, very soon.  MSSN will be turning into MSA (providing enough of you actually vote to do so when the time comes).  The constitution is nearly drafted, and all the other little things will happen once we have our inaugural AGM.

Ooh, doesn’t it sound business-like and formal?

Believe me, it won’t be any more formal than is absolutely necessary, because here at MSSN we hate formality.  The inaugural AGM is likely to be 15 minutes of unavoidable “all in favour say aye”s and 2 hours of drinks, nibbles and socialising!  And we’ll be aiming to keep it like that for every meeting that we have to have.