UNE facebook links

August 16, 2011

If you’re on FB, there are a number of useful UNE connections you can make there.  Check out the ‘Stro page (StroUNE), Ed Campbell’s page (Ed UNE – the Student Experience Liaison Officer) and the page for Externals (UNE External Students – join the University of New England network first – though it doesn’t seem to be active this year); there are probably more, but I’m still discovering them.

There is also a UNE mature students FB page, but I think the students who used to run it have left and it’s inactive.  Watch this space for a renewed FB presence as we build the MSA member base and connections.

Feel free to post a comment if you know of any others.  Make sure you include the actual FB identity, because that makes it much easier for those unfamiliar with FB to find it.

What didn’t happen…and something that did

August 14, 2010

Well, as those of you signed up to the email list know, the car rally didn’t turn out too well, but hopefully that will go ahead at a later date. So I thought, by way of demonstrating what fun we can have when we put our minds to it, I’d post an account of the trivia night that happened about this time last year, and was one of the very earliest activities that MSSN members did as a group.  It was the RSPCA Trivia Night, held at Uralla Bowling Club, and we were one tableful.

We began with Daphne, Therese and myself, and added Jenny and Warren (friends of Daphne’s) and Rick as they arrived. Joan unfortunately wasn’t feeling well, so decided not to come.

We were so busy decorating our table that we ended up in a bit of a scramble to do all the things that had to be done before the beginning of the rounds – nominate which round (by category) would be your best round, for double points; nominate one person from your table willing to stand up and tell a joke lasting less than 30 seconds (Therese nobly volunteered), for 5 bonus points; buy a square on the raffle board; begin working on the pictograms, movie quotes, and birth names of pictured stars; and puzzle over a mysterious envelope that said “Do Not Open Until Told. Points will be deducted if opened early.”

There was another sealed envelope there, which we soon discovered contained the basics for making a mobile. The required theme was “what you think the RSPCA symbolises”. Thankfully, it didn’t have to be submitted until after the 4th round of questions.

There was a surprising range of questions, from easy (what great
Australian sportsman was known as “the boy from Bowral”?) to testing our memory for school-learnt facts (which planet spins the fastest?) to freaking impossible (what large Hungarian dog is usually white or cream in colour?”!!

We began somewhat poorly (3.5/10 and 4.5/10 for the first two rounds, but by the time all the females in our group had taken off some of their clothes (Therese wins that one for being willing to remove her bra!), Rick had disclosed his age and what underpants he wears (he went much redder about his age) and Warren had spent quite some time being unable to choose between holding his head or his – er – tail, we were really getting into the swing of things.

Warren came a close second in one activity, Rick in another, and the group as a whole so nearly won the treasure hunt round (we left our table first, but another team beat us to the judge) that we reckoned we won it 🙂 And despite being probably the smallest group there, we managed to come 3rd overall, so with a few more of us to swell the knowledge pool, I’m sure we could sweep the board.

BBQ at the dam

February 13, 2010

Where did we go?  The dam (as you might imagine, from the post’s heading!)
What did we do?  Talk and eat
What did we find?  Some beautiful feathers
What was the funniest thing?  When the elephant attacked Clare
What did we miss?  All of you who didn’t come