UNE facebook links

August 16, 2011

If you’re on FB, there are a number of useful UNE connections you can make there.  Check out the ‘Stro page (StroUNE), Ed Campbell’s page (Ed UNE – the Student Experience Liaison Officer) and the page for Externals (UNE External Students – join the University of New England network first – though it doesn’t seem to be active this year); there are probably more, but I’m still discovering them.

There is also a UNE mature students FB page, but I think the students who used to run it have left and it’s inactive.  Watch this space for a renewed FB presence as we build the MSA member base and connections.

Feel free to post a comment if you know of any others.  Make sure you include the actual FB identity, because that makes it much easier for those unfamiliar with FB to find it.

More links to check out

August 12, 2011

Still more links have been added on the RHS of the page.  It often takes new students a while to discover various sources of information about the uni and what’s happening; the links added are a way to make it easier for you to find them.

Insiders@UNE gives all sorts of information – IT hiccups, events to know about, competitions, opportunities to be a research guinea pig (psych, usually, not anything nasty) and so on.  It’s worth bookmarking that (or taking in the RSS feed) and reading it regularly.  Une-events mailing list is also worth signing up for; it publicises both uni and town events, tells you when things are on and how to book or where to go.  Also check out the list of UNE mailing lists – some may be relevant to your studies.

Ideas for future more study-oriented activities

February 25, 2010

More brainstorming – this time tossing around ideas for the more study-related stuff we might do in the future:

guest speaker night (could include things like accommodation or casual job opportunities in Armidale)

study group (possibly online)

study buddy system

Again, feel free to throw in your ideas as comments here, or drop me an email at mssn at une dot edu dot au

Courier-Mail article about mature students

February 16, 2010


One choice quote from it that those of us who aren’t quite so at ease with computers will appreciate:
“We are terrified that by trying to enrol online in the university’s virtual world we will inadvertently blow the vice-chancellor’s brains out.”