Don’t forget the AGM

July 21, 2011

So… you think it’ll be boring, do you?  You’re not planning to come?  Shame on you!

No, seriously, the business part of it will take as little time as possible (we just need you to say “aye” a few times in the right places, that’s all 🙂 ) and the rest of the time will be a normal sociable MSSN lunch gathering.  I’m hoping the business part of it will only take 15 or so minutes, although knowing our tendency to get chatting, it could be a little longer from start to finish.

I’ll be posting the proposed constitution to the mailing list soon, along with membership forms and more info, but it’s all here as well now.

So don’t forget – Tuesday 2nd August, 1pm in the Breather.  See you there.  And bring a plate to share.

Inaugural AGM coming up

July 7, 2011

There were 6 of us at lunch in the Breather on Tuesday, which is quite a respectable number for the middle of the holidays.  However, we did notice that the available food at the Delimarche was sadly lacking in quantity and quality, which is worth remembering next time we meet during the holidays.

Daphne has kindly put together a folder that now lives in the cupboards along the wall of the Breather.  In it there’s a message sheet kind of thing; if you drop in at lunchtime any Tuesday and decide to pop in and out for a while to see if anyone turns up, you can leave a message on a sheet and put the folder out on a table.  That way we don’t end up with a few people popping in and out and just missing each other 🙂

There are a few sections in the folder which will get used down the track (like the one for a copy of the Constitution of the new MSA once it’s approved, which will also be posted here) and others that won’t (minutes, for instance, which need to be kept securely in a bound book), so there’s room to spare; if anyone has any ideas for what might be included in the folder, feel free to make suggestions.

As previously planned, the inaugural AGM of the MSA will be held in the Breather at 1pm on Tuesday 2nd August.  There’ll be a few notices posted round uni noticeboards too, and I’ll also post to the email list about it.  The business will probably only take about 10-15 minutes, so will be combined with our normal monthly lunchtime gathering.  But this time, rather than each bringing our own lunch, we’d like to make it more communal by everyone bringing something to share.  Remember there’s a microwave there, so if you want to bring something that needs heating, that’s ok (and might be very welcome at that time of year).

Welcome to the blog

February 11, 2010

It’s all happening!  The blog’s here, the website’s on its way (and the blog will be accessible within the website once the site exists).  At this stage we think the main purpose of the blog will be to provide accounts of past MSSN activities, but who knows what the future will bring?

If you’ve got a comment or a question, feel free to post it.