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July 20th, 2010 1 comment

After establishing our own library for using either HSQL or H2 databases for Unit testing I’ve found that Spring provides a really simple way to do this already. I’m not sure at what point they added it but it appears to be there now.

This means you can not just H2 and HSQL but also DERBY.
The following is the entry you can use:

in your spring config files. So far I’ve found that IDEA picks this up and allows you to include the xsd details you need same as importing packages in a class.

In case it doesn’t you can try adding the following:



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Moving to Spring 3 – Spring Security

July 20th, 2010 Comments off

I’ve been radically re-arranging TLCAdmin which includes moving it up to Spring 3 and pulling in the une-security library changes that Matt D did (thanks Matt). One thing I’ve found while doing this and pulling out our current auth ( so it can be developed locally) was a small but potentially irritating change when using the security extension.

We have some shortcuts which available by using <security: namespaces in the spring config. Two of them are ‘authentication-manager’ and ‘authentication-provider’. It would appear that in Spring 2.x these two tags were both top level tags. In 3.x however the provider needs to be inside the manager. See this link for a slightly longer description.


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