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A way to study gives you a way to share your favourite sites with friends or find others that share your interests. It can also be a fantastic research tool. is a social bookmarking tool. What this means is that it gives you a way of storing your favourite bookmarks online (rather than in your browser). Storing your bookmarks online has a few advantages, firstly you can then access them wherever you are and secondly (and this is where gets exciting) you can share bookmarks with others. has a range of uses particularly for students and researchers. You could be searching to find other researchers or students with similar interests. Once you’ve found someone studying the same things you can share bookmarks to useful sites. You could also use to set up a research group using a shared account. A group of people can set up bookmarks that might be useful for the whole group.

Obviously there are lots of other ways to use like looking for new things, sharing hobbies or making a wishlist – the possibilities are endless. To find out more visit and happy bookmarking.

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