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spam, spam, spam, spam

Monday, May 28th, 2007

spamcomputermonitor.jpgspam emails to UNE addresses have doubled over the past year. While there’s no quick way to stop spam there are simple things you can do to protect yourself and your computer.

Estimates put the number of spam emails sent globally at more than 90 Billion – A DAY !! In the first three months of 2007  the UNE email gateway processed 36,679,155 – and rejected 31,728,785 (that’s 86.5%) That’s more than double the number of spam emails received in the same period last year.

What is spam?

spam is a term used to describe any unwanted, unsolicited email. It’s electronic junk mail and like paper junk mail is usually a form of commercial advertising. spam is usually produced in vast quantities and is usually very annoying.

How did they get my email address?

Spammers (people who send out spam) collect email addresses in a number of ways and the growing sophistication of spam emails means that it is increasingly difficult to stop spam from reaching users.  Some ways spammers collect email addresses include searching for email addresses on the internet (including guestbooks, chatrooms and registration forms), using viruses to search for addresses and targeting mailing lists. Some spammers simply guess usernames.

How to spot spam

Most of the time, spam is fairly easy to spot. Usually it is selling a product (often sexual) or requesting financial or other personal information.  Sometimes spam can take the form of a virus warning telling you to delete files and email everyone in your address book 

What should I do if I’m getting spam?  

If you suspect that an email is spam, simply delete it. Do not reply to a spam email and avoid opening any attachments. If you have opened a spam email and are concerned about damage to your computer, contact the help desk.

Desktop support update for UNE staff

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

A tendering process is underway to identify vendors who can supply on-site desktop support to the university. In the meantime desktop support is still available.

ITD is keen to ensure that all staff at UNE have access to on-site desktop support. A tendering process has commenced to find vendor(s) who can provide this support. That process is due to be completed by late June and will result in a contract with one or more vendors for these services.

In the meantime the IT Service Desk has made arrangements with two local suppliers for the provision of on-site desk-top support (such as troubleshooting, installation of new software, set up of new computers etc.)

If you have require assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk on x5000 or by email If the problem cannot be resolve over the phone, the IT Service Desk will organise a supplier to come to your desk to resolve your problem. Please note that you will need to pay the vendor charges for this service and a cost code is required at the time of placing your request.

If you are in the Arts/Science faculty, the existing arrangements for services with Armidale IT has been extended to cover the period until the tender is completed.  Please follow your normal process for organising desktop support.

Quicker repairs to DELL computers

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

oem_notebook_computer-copy.jpgMac1, the computer store on campus, is now an accredited DELL service agent which means quicker repairs to DELL computers.

UNE has an agreement with DELL for the provision of desktop and laptop computers. All computers purchased through DELL come with 3 years on-site warranty.

Until now this warranty work was carried out by a DELL service agent based off campus. This will now change with Mac1 being accredited as a DELL service agent. Mac1 will now provide on-site warranty servicing of DELL computers at UNE. This should mean faster turn around times for DELL warranty repairs.

Important note: The warranty process itself has NOT changed.  Please report any faults to DELL directly by calling 1800 633 559. DELL will provide you with a job number and allocate the job to their service agent.

ITD Newsletter- Out Now!

Monday, May 14th, 2007

itd-news-may-07-final-1.jpgThe latest ITD Newsletter is out now. Read it online or grab a copy from the IT Service Desk.

The May edition of the IT News is now available. Find out about UNE’s Business intelligence project, The postgrad survival kit, Wireless and more.

You can read the newsletter online at:

There are also a small number of paper copies available at the IT Service Desk, ground floor of the ITD building.

Happy reading.

Get the message?

Monday, May 14th, 2007

loudspeaker-copy.jpgAre you wanting to communicate with others at UNE but don’t know where to start? Here’s a quick guide to what’s available.

UNE-Official is a mailing list with an automatic subscription for all UNE staff. Postings are restricted to the senior executive and require the approval of a member of the executive.

The Service announcements page has taken over some of the communication that used to happen on UNE-Official such as FMS notices and employment opportunities. This is a website rather than a mailing list.

UNE-Events is still a mailing list. To subscribe go to

UNE-ForSale is now a web forum. You can get regular updates by setting up an RSS feed.

2007 Phonebook

Monday, May 14th, 2007

phonebook.jpgPublication of the 2007 UNE Phonebook has been delayed to take into account the reorganisation of the University.

Printing and distribution of the 2007 phonebook has been put on hold until the details of the reorganisation of the University are finalised. 

In the meantime the online phonebook continues to be updated. Don’t forget to send any changed details to

ITD User Forum this Thursday

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

lewislecture.jpgThe ITD User forum is your chance to come along and find out about ITD projects and what they could mean for you.

When: Thursday 10th May 1-2pm

Where: Lewis lecture theatre chemistry (pictured)

Topics for discussion at the user forum include:

Brian Cameron, Acting Director ITD: Overview of projects and the IT review 

Brian will give an introductory overview of ITD projects, progress over the past year and future directions. Brian will also consider general themes emerging from the recent external review into the provision of IT services.

The UNE Network upgrade: Where are we at and what will it mean for users?  

Gordon Smith, UNE’s principal IT officer, will give an update on the UNE Network upgrade.  What changes can be expected in the coming months? What new features are in the pipeline? When will the wireless network be expanding? What is ITD doing about SPAM?

Martina Linnemann, IT Client Support Manager: Service Desk update 

Are you confused about Service Desk changes and new arrangements for the repair of computer equipment? Martina Linnemann will give an overview of the recent changes and provide the latest information on servicing for both Mac’s and PC’s.

Daniel Gooch, UNEweb team leader 

Last year’s re-launch of UNEweb is only the beginning of the web team’s vision for UNEweb. Daniel Gooch will talk about the web project where its up to and what users can expect to see in the near future.

Updated Virus software

Friday, May 4th, 2007

virus-warning.jpgHelp to protect UNE computers by installing the latest Virus protection.

McAfee has released the latest version of its anti-virus software. The new version, McAfee 8.5 is available for download from

You must be a member of staff to download the software and it should be installed on all UNE-owned machines.

Microsoft Vista @ UNE

Friday, May 4th, 2007

winvista_v_web.jpgITD is continuing testing on Microsoft Vista

Following the release of Microsoft Vista earlier this year more students and staff need to work with this new operating system.  ITD is working to ensure the compatibility of Vista with current UNE applications.

Initial testing with Vista has revealed a number of potential issues such as connecting to the UNE Wireless network. Students using Vista may find that they have trouble using some of the self-service functions available through MyUNE.  ITD hopes to have resolved these issues in the near future.

ITD does not currently support Microsoft Vista. However, if you are using Vista and have problems using other UNE applications please let Service Desk staff know. This will help ITD staff iron out the bugs for Vista users.