Tuesday 28 June 12.30-1.30

Paul Barratt Lecture Theatre
(S6 Psychology)

(All UNE CPSU members are entitled to vote at the meeting)

Nominations are called for all available positions (see below).

If you are interested in nominating, please fill in the appropriate nomination form and return to the Deputy Returning Officer by Friday 24 June, 2011.

Enquiries regarding nomination process should be directed to:

Rowan Salomon
1800 467 932

CPSU University of New England

Annual General Meeting 2011

Nominations are called for the following positions:

Branch Committee

  • President: (1)
  • Vice President (1)
  • Secretary (1)
  • Assistant Secretary (1)
  • Women’s Officer (1)
  • Membership Registrar (1)
  • Indigenous Officer (1)
  • OH&S Officer (1)
  • Delegates to the (HERC) Higher Education Representative Council (2)
  • Branch Committee Members (4)

Nominations will close with the CPSU Deputy Returning Officer at:

4:30pm on the 24 June 2011

Nominations should be forwarded by mail to:

The Deputy Returning Officer

GPO Box 3365,
Sydney NSW 2001


Faxing to the ATTENTION of

The Deputy Returning Officer on:

(02) 9262 1623

Download a copy of the nomination form, here:


Any enquires should be forwarded to Rowan Salomon, 1800 467 932


CPSU/PSA Deputy Returning Officer

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Hi Everybody,

I’m the UNE CPSU President for 2010 and it’s about time I introduced myself. My name is Ross Bennetts, I’ve been around UNE for over 17 years in various capacities, as a student, a volunteer, a contractor, an academic,  a part-time and now a full-time permanent general staff member. I currently work in ITD as the Web Editor and occasionally help out in the UNElink Video Conference Studio.

If there is anything you think the CPSU could help you with, please feel free to contact myself or one of the other CPSU Delegates on campus (they are listed below).

I hope the CPSU can help you during my time as President and together we can make UNE a better, happier place to work.

Ross M. W. Bennetts

2010 CPSU Delegates

President: Ross M. W. Bennetts (ross.bennetts@une.edu.au x2754)
Vice President: Currently Vacant
Secretary: Crystal Plowman (cplowma2@une.edu.au x3603)
Assistant Secretary: Judy Stott (jstott@une.edu.au x2322)
Women’s Officer & EEO: Amanda Lang (alang13@une.edu.au x5045)
HERC: Robert Webster (rwebster@une.edu.au x3699)
OH&S: Rowan Webb (rwebb@une.edu.au x3167)
Indigenous Officer: Jackie Vale (jvale2@une.edu.au x4472)
HERC Officer: Marney Tilley (mtilley@une.edu.au x4427)
Delegate/Executive Member: Christian Girard (cgirard@une.edu.au x2607)
Delegate/Executive Member: Hans Schaefer (Hans.Schaefer@une.edu.au x3703)
Delegate/Executive Member: Jennifer Mitchell (jmitch24@une.edu.au x5000)
Delegate/Executive Member: Barbara Avis (bavis@une.edu.au x2030)

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Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our…

Wait, wrong show. Still, that last year really did seem to rush past, didn’t it? It seems like only yesterday that we were trying to erase the horrible images of Tony Abbott in his budgie smugglers from our mind, and yet, while we were desperately trying to claw our retinas out another 12 months snuck past, and here we are facing another AGM.

Where: Paul Barrett Lecture Theatre (Psychology)
Date: Tuesday, March 23.
Time: 12:30-1:30

If you would like to nominate for a position on the Executive Committee for 2010, please fill out and return a nomination form prior to the meeting.

Positions to be voted on include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Women’s Officer, HERC reps (x2), Indigenous Officer, OH&S Officer, CPSU Rep on EEO Committee, Assistant Secretary, as well as a number of Delegate positions.

For more information, or a nomination form please contact Amanda Lang ext 5045, Kylie Day ext 4502, Rob Webster ext 3699, Ross Bennetts ext 2754.

Make sure you are there to have your say, and find out what is happening next for CPSU members at UNE.

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As we all think about running away for the Christmas Shutdown (new and improved, thanks to the new Agreement) I thought I’d just take a quick moment to thank everyone for their hard work in 2009, and to wish you all a…

Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!

2009 has been a very productive and successful year for CPSU. With your help we’ve seen a fantastic resolution to Enterprise Bargaining for General Staff; secured some brilliant conditions and a nice payrise (which is helping with the Christmas shopping, let me tell you!); fought the good fight to help members get through some difficult times; effected a review and some good changes to the Governance of the University; and above all strengthened our position as the sane, organised and successful Union for General Staff at UNE.

Every single one of you deserves thanks for being part of us, and for offering your support and voices.

I’d also like to thank (in no particular order):

Our tireless Organiser, Rowan Salomon for all of her hard work, flights to Armidale no matter what the weather, campaigning, BBQ planning, and TARDIS-like suitcase of posters and goodies.

Our 2009 Executive for giving up so much of your time, sitting through countless meetings and humouring my disorganised, control-freaky demands.

Andrew Holland, CPSU’s lead Industrial Officer and legal mastermind. We scored quite a coup getting you as our IO for EB, and our new Agreement wouldn’t be the same without you!

Marney Tilley and Kylie Day– the best co-bargainers you could ever hope for. For your serious dedication to the task, and the not-so-serious moments of foolishness that kept me sane, and will keep me chuckling for years to come!

The UNE EB team (Vicki Anderson, Frank Strbik, Mrgaret Lockyear & Graham Webb) for being worthy adversaries. We may not have always agreed on everything, but the debate was productive and civil and we got there in the end! A special mention should also go to Adrian Robinson for being the only person tall enough to reach up and change the clock for daylight savings!

Rob Webster and Judy Stott for being CPSU UNE’s eyes, ears and voice at State (and beyond) representational level.

Hans Schaeffer for being a wonderful photographer and media guru.

Bernice O’Mahoney, Barbara Avis, Jennifer Miller, John Baker, and the countless other people who have lent a hand with campaigning, problem-solving and representation on various committees.

And last but not least, Ross Bennetts for giving the CPSU blog life, and fixing it every time I pressed buttons I shouldn’t have!

(I’m sure I’ve forgotten some people. If you’re one of them, please accept my apologies.)

2010 is shaping up to be an equally busy year. We’ve already got the implementation of the new Agreement, a fair few Workplace Changes, and the e-University on our radar, and I’m sure there will be more things to come! But if we face them with half as much gusto as we’ve shown General Staff can muster this year we’ll be well on the way to continued success!

But for now remember to deck the halls, and not your neighbours, and have a great break. We’ll see you in 2010!

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I only have one thing to say, and it goes a little something like this:

“If you go down to the bank today, you’re sure of a big surprise,
Check your payslip in WebKiosk, you’ll never believe your eyes,
‘Cause every member that ever there was
Is sure to be cheering today because
Today’s the day the General Staff get their payrise!”

Yep, today we get the first 4% payrise that we won as part of the new General Staff and ELC agreement. If you’re lucky you may also have received your lump-sum of back-pay already.

A big thanks goes out to the tireless people in HR who’ve managed to process all of this in record time. We love your work!

Let the Happy Dancing begin! And if you happen to dance past any non-members who are enjoying the benefits of the payrise be sure to remind them that their joy is thanks to the CPSU and its members. If that extra cash is burning a hole in their pockets then they should join!

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(Apologies for the shameless cross-posting here, but it’s far easier than trying to find another creative way of summarising it!)

By now you should all have heard about the e-University Project. A number of you have been part of the process either as part of one of the 3 main committees (Organisational Capacity, Staff & Student Capacity or Course Renewal), or by participating in surveys or forums.

I don’t want to get bogged down in too much detail here, but for those of you who are interested in the rationale and progress of the Project up to this point the official website is here:

The Project has been in its information-gathering and planning phase for the past few months, but is now ready to present a business model to Council in December.

In terms of official Union representation, CPSU have been given a voice on the somewhat unfortunately named Staff Advisory Group (SAG). I am our representative here. The SAG has not been part of the development of the business plan itself, but has existed to provide feedback on the process and the recommendations coming out of the other groups and surveys. We’ve also helped to do a risk assessment of the recommendations. In short, we’ve been looking at the bigger picture, and making sure that it all ties together well and nothing is forgotten.

At this point I’d just like to take the time to thank Belinda Tynan and the Project team, and all of the chairs of the various committees for their professionalism, dedication and commitment to consultation. This is a very ambitious Project, but they have made sure that they have all the information they need and have considered all possibilities before moving forward. There has been a genuine concern that no stone be left unturned, and that no-one falls between the cracks. I can honestly say that this is the first time I have ever seen groups from all over the University be asked for feedback, and have that feedback seriously considered. If the Project goes ahead it will certainly be a time of great change and upheaval, but you’re in good hands.

If I can say anything about the Project it is this:
The e-University Project is not out to get you. Don’t Panic!

As a result of their consultations the Project have come up with 4 options. The following summary is ridiculously over-simplified, but in a nutshell they are:

  1. Do nothing (and continue to fall behind)
  2. Lay the groundwork for change, but not embark on any major transformations at this time
  3. Lay the groundwork for change, and when successfully completed embark on full transformation to catch up to and surpass our competition
  4. Outsource everything

The Project team will be recommending Option 3 to Council when it next meets (December). If Council approves the first step will be to embark on some smaller “building block” projects between January and August next year. These include: strengthening IT infrastructure and processes to cope with the changes, expanding the use of the SRM/AskUNE system across campus, expanding the student retention plans that already exist, and creating and revitalising courses. There will be a further review in August 2010, and only if these milestones are met will the project move into the next, more ambitions phase. All up, it is expected that the project will take 5 years to fully complete.

At this stage it’s all a bit up in the air. What the changes will be, how they effect you, and when they will happen all depend on which path Council decides to take. However, the answers to some of the questions commonly being asked are below:

What’s all this 24/7 service business? Will I end up chained to my desk?
The 24/7 model is a bit of a misnomer. They’re not so much talking about contacting staff directly, but that students will be able to access self-help services like AskUNE, myUNE and the website around the clock. If they need to talk to a real, live person they will still need to call within hours. That said, these hours may not necessarily be the standard 9-5. (But that’s already the case: for instance, Dixson have been open until 9pm and on weekends for years, and the IT Service Desk are already planning on following suit next year). The important things to remember are:

  1. Any hours you work over and above your normal weekly hours will count as overtime or TOIL
  2. The hours of operation for different departments are clearly spelled out in the agreement- these can’t and won’t be changed for the next 4 years.

Does this mean Workplace Change?
It may well. At this stage we don’t know the finer points of how each Cost Centre or School will be effected, so it’s hard to tell what form this will take (or even whether it will apply in your work area). It’s refreshing to see that the business model that will go to Council acknowledges that UNE has a past history of poorly handled Workplace Changes, and that the Project aims to be the exception to this rule. If WPC is needed we have been given assurances that staff and Unions will be properly consulted before, during and afterwards, and that the Agreement will be adhered to. Of course, on the off chance that the path to hell is once again paved with the best intentions of Management it would pay to be a CPSU member so we can help you out!

Will my job be outsourced?
Although the Project has identified that one option is outsourcing, it’s not the option that they are putting forward. They agree that the risks associated with outsourcing (cost, lack of corporate knowledge, impersonal and possibly unreliable service, devastating effect on staff morale, not in tune with the UNE message) far outweigh the benefits. CPSU have assurances from the Project Team, and Graham Webb that Option 4 (Outsourcing) will not be the recommended course of action.

If my job changes will I get training?
Yes. The Project are pushing for a “grow your own” approach to professional development. This means that existing staff will get first dibbs on being up-skilled to deal with any changes. Training and development have been factored into the proposed resourcing for the project.

What about workload?
Throughout the period of consultation both Unions have raised the issue of workload. The Project recognises that there is a risk that workloads may increase during the implementation and delivery of the project. Again, the proposed resourcing plan aims to mitigate and avoid this by recommending adequate resources be given. Also remember- our new agreement contains a workload clause which protects you from excess workload, and gives you an avenue to have it addressed.

As usual, if you have any questions or feedback please email me (jen.mitchell@une.edu.au).

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Fair Work Australia approved the new UNE General and ELC Teaching Staff Agreement last week, and the 7 days notice period started on Wednesday.

This means that the new Agreement will come into effect from tomorrow, and run until November 3, 2012.

(At this point it’s advised that we all just take a moment to dance the Happy Dance, and cheer like a crazy people.)

We’ve been assured that hard copies of the new Agreement will eventually be printed, but for the time being you can get your electronic “hands” on a copy of it here:

Obviously the new Agreement replaces the old one (!), so if you have any workplace concerns then this is your new point of reference. HR will be holding a number of information sessions for managers (and presumably other interested people), and we’ll be holding our own “Lunch & Learn” sessions to familiarise everyone with the ins and outs of the new document. Keep an eye out for them over the coming weeks.

An important note about pay: A fair few people have asked whether we’ll get our payrise this Thursday. The short answer is, no. Although Thursday is technically the first payday after the agreement, HR have advised us that it’s simply not possible as the pay run for this period has already been completed. Therefore, the pay rate increase will take effect from the following payday (November 19). Please note: this is not the same as the lump-sum of backdated pay. Eligible staff should receive this separately over the next few weeks.

What are we doing to celebrate the birthday of the new Agreement? Well, that’s entirely up to you. Unlike Microsoft we’re not about to dictate how you choose to hold your launch party (or not). But if you’re looking for inspiration I’d suggest you start with the Windows 7 launch party plan, and then do the opposite! You might also like to say farewell to the old Agreement is any of the following ways:

1. Ritually sacrifice it to a god of your choosing;
2. Make paper airplanes, and launch an attack on the cubicle next to yours;
3. Tie several of them together to make a raft, and float away to a desert island for a nice holiday;
4. Use it to make a herd of origami dinosaurs that can do your bidding;
5. Recycle them, thereby reducing your carbon footprint, making a better world, and giving you an excuse to feel warm and fuzzy.

So get our there and spread the good news. You may not win the Melbourne Cup today, but tomorrow we’re all on a dead set winner!

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First things first: with all of the excitement I’ve forgotten to update the blog to confirm that WE WON! A resounding 82.7% of all General and ELC staff at UNE voted in favour of our fantastic new agreement. Of course, if you were within a 1000km radius of UNE on the day of the vote you would already know this, as you would have been nearly deafened by my own cheers alone!

The EB team would like to thank everyone who helped make this possible. From Head Office, our fantastic Industrial Officer Andrew Holland, and our ever-wonderful Organiser, Rowan Salomon. Everyone on the Branch Committee throughout the whole EB process. Everyone who lent a hand making posters, handing out flyers, calling members, and generally keeping us sane. Long-suffering friends, family and pets. And, of course, all of our members- we couldn’t have done it without you!

The new agreement was submitted to Fair Work Australia for final approval on September 22. This is the final stage before it can take effect. Although it has yet to be approved, your CPSU EB team have been in constant contact with HR, and they assure us there’s nothing to worry about. UNE are the first university to submit an agreement under the new system, and understandably FWA want to take the time to make sure everything is done properly. So, in short, no news is good news! As soon as there is news we’ll let you know. (We’re hanging out for that payrise just as much as you are!)

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, you should check out the CPSU UNE Branch page on Facebook– it’s just been updated with heaps of photos of our last few events.

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Well, today’s the big day. Today all General Staff, regardless of union membership, get to have their final say on our brilliant new agreement. This is the vote that counts. It’s history-making time, people!

So…you can forget to tie your shoelaces, you can forget where you put your keys, you can forget that random Great Aunt’s birthday, but whatever you do- DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE!!

Voting will be open until 5pm Friday. You will all receive an email with a link to the online voting page. Just click on the link and follow the instructions. Very Important: If you don’t get this email, if there’s any problem, or if you need a paper voting form instead, please contact Margaret Lockyer in HR asap (her number is x3536).

As you know, there are oodles of great reasons to love our new and improved General Staff agreement, not least of which being that it’s a bloody great agreement!

A YES vote today is the only way to guarantee that all General Staff at UNE can have a payrise before Christmas, and get these fantastic conditions. Make your vote count. Let’s bring this thing home with a resounding, “Yes!”.

Everyone can vote, not just CPSU members. And CPSU members who voted last week must vote again for it to count. So make sure you keep sharing the love in your workplace, and make sure everyone around you has voted too (preferably Yes!). If anyone has any questions (members or otherwise), tell them to get in touch with me (either x3736 or email).

Hopefully I’ll have good news for you all later this evening!

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I am delighted to be able to report that our members meeting today has unanimously passed the following motion:

That this meeting of CPSU members endorses the “University of New England General Staff and ELC Teachers Collective Agreement 2009 – 2012”

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend, and also to those of you who gave your proxies. Your endorsement is the first step towards cementing the fantastic new conditions that have been won for you, and all General Staff at UNE.

Where do we go from here? You will receive a UNE-Official in the next few days, detailing how the vote for all General Staff will be run. It is vital that you remember to vote this second time. If you have any questions about the voting process, please don’t hesitate to contact CPSU President, and EB team member, Jen Mitchell.

Today also marked the launch of our “Love Our Agreement” campaign. CPSU members know that our new and improved agreement is fantastic, but now we need your help to spread the message to everyone on campus.

If you love brand new conditions like:

  • a 17% payrise (compounded over the life of the agreement)
  • TOIL at overtime rates
  • Improved conditions and job security for fixed-term staff
  • 25% loading and long service leave for casuals
  • 2 weeks paid partner leave
  • General Staff workload protections
  • Improved classifications review procedures
  • The ability to buy more annual leave
  • Trade union rights
  • Intellectual Property rights for General Staff
  • Paid relocation costs

…Don’t keep quiet about it- share the love!

A “Yes” vote at the all General Staff ballot is the only way to ensure that these fantastic conditions will be yours. So get out there and make it happen!

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