Mornigstar DatAnalysis Database

A new database subscription that is funded through the library.

The Mornigstar DatAnalysis Database ( provides a large volume of Australian listed company data.

The database can be accessed by any UNE staff/student through the library website (click on Quick find databases (by subject) and select any business area (except for Marketing & Management))

If you have any questions about this database, please feel free to contact Pauline Jenkins (the librarian for Business)


Moodle 2.7 Training

As you know, we will be adopting a new theme in our Moodle sites from Trimester 3, and we will also be upgrading our version of Moodle to version 2.7.

Sessions have been hosted in both Schools regarding the changes in managing your sites in terms of adopting the theme, but the upgrade to Moodle 2.7 has some implications for teaching staff as well, so we are hosting ‘training’ sessions on working in the updated LMS.

Sessions are scheduled for:

Date Time Facilitator Registration
Tuesday 21 October 1pm-2pm Business School Click here
Wednesday 22 October 12pm – 1pm Business School Click here
Thursday 23 October 12:30 -1:30pm Business School – Online via Adobe Connect Click here
Monday 27 October 1pm-2pm Business School Click here
Wednesday 29 October 11am – 12pm Law School – Online via Adobe Connect Click here
Thursday 30 October 1:30 – 2:30pm Law School Click here


Information covered in the sessions will include:

Changes to editing icons

Changes to conditional activities/ restricted access

Changes to permissions re assessment

There are a number of assessment features which have been enhanced/ improved, including:

Submission improvements for online text type assignments

Filter settings in assessment control when feedback notification is sent to students

Marker allocation

Marker workflow

Online marking

Improved quiz management

You will need to click on the session you would like to attend and register for this (as most of these sessions are being held in the Red Lab, numbers are limited). You can also register by contacting one of us directly on or

Save the Date

EdShed invite draft[6]

Moodle Theme and EdShed Launch video

If you missed the launch sessions last week on the Moodle Theme and EdShed, you can view the video here:

This page also includes some information on the Moodle upgrade.


HDR Community site

Did you know that the School has a HDR Community site for all HDR students?

This site houses relevant information/ documentation for HDR students, as well as a TurnItIn self check for submission of proposals, thesis chapters etc to enable students to perform a plagiarism check prior to submission.

The site enrolments have recently been updated to include all HDR students – however staff access to the site is limited at the moment, but we are more than happy to add staff to the site on request.

There is also a UNE HDR site for students: which all supervisors should have access to as well as one for supervisors:

Managing your unit site after the exam

Often, there is concern about postings in Moodle sites during the Examination period. You can set ‘permissions’ in your site to prevent student postings in forums. This is preferable to hiding forums, as students may still need access to the information posted, especially if they have SETs or SPEs. To prevent students posting, you can change permissions, so the forums become read-only. Click here for a guide.

Please let a member of the EDC team know if you do this – as the setting transfers over when we import units, so if we are unaware of this, students in the next offering of the unit will also be unable to post in forums!

Managing assessment submissions

There have been some issues during Trimester 2 with students claiming that they have had difficulty submitting assignments – more specifically, students have submitted ‘draft’ assignments and have not completed the process.

There are a few measures that can be implemented to address this:

  • Cut-off dates can be set for assessment, which prevent late submissions, and if these are set,  students are unable to change files in the assignment activity (essentially this means you can accept the ‘draft’ submission as the final file).
  • Remind students that they wil receive an email when the assignment file is submitted – this puts responsibility back onto students to ensure they have submitted correctly.
  • ‘Draft’ files can be locked by coordinators to prevent further updates – this means you can mark the draft submission without concern that it may be replaced by an updated file. Click here for a guide.

Please note, ‘draft’ submissions will be centrally printed only after they are locked by a unit coordinator.

Official Launch of the UNE Moodle Upgrade and Theme

Dear Unit Coordinators

The Official Launch of the UNE Moodle Upgrade and Theme is scheduled for:

Tuesday 30 September

Education Room 224



  • Introduction to the Moodle LMS improvement project: past, present and future
  • Demonstration of the LMS improvements to-date
  • Feedback and discussion
  • LMS Road Map and possible future improvements

You can choose a number of options for this launch:

Tuesday 30 September

Education Room 224

  • 10:30-11:30 for Staff
  • 12:00-13:00 for Students
  • 14:00-15:00 for Staff and Students who cannot attend the above times

We will also be launching the UNE EdShed- an online technology resource toolkit that  Unit Coordinators can apply directly to their teaching approach.

No RSVP required.


On behalf of Jennifer Clark

Acting Executive Director

Learning Innovations Hub C30

Life of an Educator: 10 questions to ask yourself before giving an assessment

Life of an Educator: 10 questions to ask yourself before giving an assessment.

Training for Moodle 2.7 release

We will host Moodle 2.7 training over the two weeks beginning 20 October.

The upgrade to 2.7 will happen on 18 October (if you have  online marking or assessment due around this time, please contact us, so we can assist with workarounds).

ALL Trimester 3 coordinators should attend these training sessions, as well as Trimester 1 coordinators wanting to get an early start on unit development.

We will hold further sessions during Trimester 3 for Trimesters 1 and 2 coordinators.

The initial sessions will be in the EBL Labs and will be combined with School of Law staff. Because of this, we will need to ask you to register (due to limited spaces).

Further details will be circulated soon…

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