UNE Innovation in Teaching and Learning Seminar Series

UNE Innovation in Teaching and Learning Seminar Series

“Kill your powerpoints and teach like a pirate: Innovative teaching pedagogies”


Presented by

Professor James Arvanitakis

2012 Prime Minister’s University Teacher of the Year

Monday 18 November

11.15 am -12.15 pm

Lewis Lecture Theatre

followed by a light lunch and discussion.

Professor James Arvanitakis researches in the transdisciplinary areas of globalisation, citizenship, young people, security and the cultural commons – incorporating issues around hope, trust, safety and intellect. Having held various positions within human rights-based organisations including AID/WATCH and Oxfam Hong Kong, his research seeks to maintain a particular focus on issues of social justice. He has also worked with playwrights and artists to document stories of injustice such as the production of Maralinga which records the stories of nuclear veterans.

His research has also been recognised with the awarding of an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant looking at the changing nature of citizenship and young people. In 2006, James also received the ARC Cultural Research Network CRN Award for a paper delivered at the 2006 Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Conference in Canberra around the theme of UnAustralia: Border Protection between Australia and Un-Australia (or why I am an internally displaced person).

New academic staff may also wish to attend in order to fulfil one requirement of the Teaching Flexibly @ UNE program.

Numbers are limited so please register early.

RSVP: Kerryn Reeves kreeves3@une.edu.au x2339 by Friday 15 November 2013

Course-A-Ware No. 7

Dear Colleagues,

This week I will start with a message from Eddie:
A number of rumours and ripples have occurred since the last Course-A-ware circulations through my expressing matters in a manner that allowed various interpretatons, so hopefully this will now provide clarity. With regards to the my request that people redirect moodle queries to Garry Edmonds rather than their Ed Dev’s, I didn’t mean that all those that go to the ITD helpdesk should also come to Garry. The ITD Helpdesk (LMS Helpline, x3396) is and will continue to be the fully functional first point of call for technical and how-to issues involving Moodle, Grademark, Turnitin and Adobe Connect. The elements to go to Garry are those that are pedagogical questions outside of the unit review process, or where specific training is needed as we anticipate the school based Ed Dev’s being too busy to undertake these activities in addition to the unit reviews.

The next item is that the QUA review team has grown to include Jenni Ayres, Judy McDonald and Penny Purvis. Along with Ellen, they will quality check the QUA reviews received prior to forwarding through to the Educational Developers. This QUA review team is also responsible for reviewing re-drafted unit learning outcomes that are submitted as part of the QUA process. Ellen has continued to meet with Educational Designers and schools at their request to work through any AQF queries.

As you would be aware, two senior representatives from the AQF Council – Lyndal Groom (Executive Director) and Victor Korobacz (Director Policy) – have been on campus today . Three sessions were scheduled. One was specifically for General Staff, although many academics also attended this session. In fact, the Lewis Lecture theatre was almost full. The second session was provided for the Educational Designers/Developers and then the afternoon session was for staff involved in the approvals and processes. The opportunity for people to direct explicit questions around the AQF to Lyndal and Vic was particularly useful. There will be more information following on from these sessions sent out early next week. In the meantime we are concerned that one of Lyndal’s comments may be being taken out of context. Please note her statement that people can do more or less whatever they want provided they can make the academic case needs to be set within the context of the University’s policies and procedures and the AQF.

The final item is an update from Georgie:
The draft work flow of the Audit has now been developed (see attachment). Basically, there are three main work flows to the auditing process:

  • Resource Centre for Copyright and resource related legal issues
  • Courseware Quality Unit Manager for AQF issues
  • Associate Director Learning Environments for enhancements associated with all other standards (those other than above)

We are aiming to get all amended Unit Outcomes developed, and any Copyright and resource issues resolved within a two week period (from time of discussion with the Education Developer/Designer). Once these are completed, the audit activity report will be sent to the Resource centre and the Courseware Quality Managers for quality checking. At the time of submitting the action plan all other necessary enhancements related to the audit standards will be allocated by the Associate Director Learning Environments (Georgie) to the appropriate people within the LIH for further action. These enhancements will be dealt with on a priority basis, with global enhancements being given first priority, followed by school based and discipline based enhancements.

As there are many Units being audited, Educational Designers/Developers will be under a bit of pressure to get them through the audit process. So please note that once the two week period has lapsed, to keep the audit process on track, we may send out emails reminding some Unit Coordinators to submit revised Outcomes, copyright and resource related tasks.

Josie Fisher for the Courseware Enhancement Project

Casual and Sessional Teaching Staff: information session and workshop

The Innovations & Professional Development team at the Learning Innovations Hub will be holding an induction and information session for all casual and sessional academic staff in time for teaching in Trimester 3.

Venue: Psychology Seminar Room, SR2, (Building S6 – Map)

Time/date: Wednesday, 23rd October, 2013 from 9.30AM – 3.30PM.

Would you please circulate this information to any casual or sessional staff who may be interested in attending (and apologies for any cross-postings).

A draft program overview for the session:

Time Session
9.30-9.45 Introductions and the program overview
 Your teaching environment
9.45-10.30 Contacts and services

  • HR Contacts
  • ITD – Accounts,  Servicedesk
  • Library
  • School contacts
10.45-11.30 Learning systems

  • Moodle
  • Grademark
Engaged in teaching
11.30-12.00 Roundtable 1: Looking forward
12.00-12.30 Engaging with students
1.00-1.30 Delivering teaching
1.30-2.00 Assessment
2.00-2.30 Developing your teaching
2.30-3.00 Roundtable 2: Wrapping up

To register: Please contact Kerryn Reeves kreeves3@une.edu.au, ext. 2339 to reserve a place. (A maximum of 30 participants can be accommodated).

Researching the Future of Online Environments at the Learning Innovations Hub

In the current higher education environment it is essential to ensure you provide the best possible environment for individuals to succeed in achieving their goals with respect to educational, professional and personal advancement.
As a result, being a progressive university, UNE wishes to ensure that we maintain an active and productive research and development program across the full range of educational technologies.
We have embarked on a number of trials in the past few years, and we will continue to explore educational technology opportunities as they present themselves.
One of the most recent is the trial of what we believe to be the next generation of tools to assist individuals and Academic staff provide the best possible environment for success.
LIH is trailing LoudCloud, a Learning Management System, during the next four months. This trial is intended to ensure we are diligent in our research and development program and provide significant and serious input to the future of educational solutions, which match the expectations of our students.

For further information please contact Ms Georgie Avard Associate Director Learning Environments, LIH Contact: x3019email: gavard@une.edu.au

Introducing the Moodle Enhancement Reference Group (MERG)

In August of this year the Moodle Enhancement Reference Group (MERG) was formed to guide the further development of the online learning management system (Moodle) according to the needs of its users. MERG members will inter alia represent the views and needs of UNE stakeholders, prioritise Moodle enhancement activities, identify and prioritise a Moodle enhancement roadmap and, assist in the review and evaluation of implemented enhancements.
The PVCEII has contracted Androgogic, an experienced company in the design and support of Moodle environments, to assist MERG in the set up and implementation of a number of activities. The immediate activities being undertaken by MERG are the re-design of the Moodle User Interface and enhancements to the Navigation Structure in response to stakeholder feedback and a review of ‘better’ practices.
As part of this activity, an Innovation Workshop will be held on Monday September 30th to inform the UNE community about the progress we have made to date, how stakeholders have been engaged in this process and the outcomes that have guided the proposed enhancements to the graphic user interface (GUI) and Navigation structure. This innovation workshop, and others we propose to conduct, will assist UNE and Androgogic to collect additional stakeholder requirements, explore how these requirements can be met and assist in determining priorities for our mid-longer term Moodle roadmap.
All UNE staff are invited to make a contribution at the Innovations Workshop to be held after the Learning Innovations Launch, 30 September, 2-3:30pm in the Lewis Lecture Theatre. The workshop immediately follows the PVCEII Forum.

If you are unable to attend the session but would like to contribute to the discussion please contact Ms Georgie Avard, Associate Director Learning Environments. Email: gavard@une.edu.au ext: 3019

The impact of technology on student writing skills

At the School strategic planning day, there was some discussion (in the online learning group) about the impact of social media on students and studying. This article might be of interest as it is related to this. It reports on the impact of technology (including social media, mobile etc) on students writing.

Useful Examination Resources

With exams looming, here are some resources that may be useful to your students in any unit (not just first years). There are also hard copies of these available for any on-campus students to ‘pick up as they pass’ outside the First Year Advisor office.

Academic Skills Office (ASO) home page www.une.edu.au/aso

The left-side menu of the ASO site has a direct link to:

The UNE Counsellors also have some useful Tip Sheets for many aspects of student life  (http://www.une.edu.au/counselling/self-help.php)

2013 T1 Exam Timetable (all units): http://www.une.edu.au/exams/t1-exam-timetable.pdf

All students should check the exam advice from each of their lecturers for each of their units – do not assume every unit has the same requirements.

UNEBS Educational Development and Communications Team … What do we do?

The Educational Development and Communications Team works with Academic staff to deliver increased and efficient online delivery of unit materials. The Educational Development and Communications Team are committed to developing training sessions, workshops and information that will help learn about and apply skills in online teaching and learning.

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EDC team

EDC team


The following insertion has been placed in every Tri1 and 2 unit as a separate  section in the ‘Unit Information and Assessment Overview’ resource included in all UNEBS units.


It is important to the Business School that students feel safe in interactions relating to online learning. Students should be aware of the University Cyberethics Policy, which is a guide to good behaviour and staying safe in online communication.

If you feel that there has been a breach of these guidelines, you should contact your Unit Coordinator or, to make a formal complaint, the Service Quality Unit (http://www.une.edu.au/service-quality)

All students should refer to the links below to ensure that they fully understand their rights and responsibilities associated with online use.

If you have any questions about this please contact us.

T&L Showcase

Please Note: The showcase time has been rescheduled to 9-11am Monday 25 March


The Educational Development and Communications Team is pleased to invite you to a Teaching and Learning Showcase

The line-up for this event includes:

Leo Bayerlein

‘Balancing Life’ An interactive virtual learning environment designed to:

Increase student engagement through a custom made interactive “TV-Show” style narrative; and Prepare students for real life work challenges in accounting

Valerie Dalton

Collaborative Online Group Work within Moodle

Rob Field (via Skype)

Future Campus

Sue Whale

10min Gradebook Training

Naomi McGrath

School Social Media and Community Sites

The showcase will be held in LT5 at the UNE Business School 9.00-11.00pm, Monday 25 March 2013 and morning tea will be provided from Cafe Affamato.

If you have any dietary requirements please contact naomi.mcgrath@une.edu.au

Please RSVP by 21 March by registering at http://eddevcommsshowcase3.eventbrite.com.au

Thank you



Naomi McGrath
BCommunication (Media), GradCertArts, DipProjMgt

Educational Development and Communications Officer

UNE Business School
Faculty of The Professions
University of New England
Armidale NSW 2351 Australia

Phone  61 2 6773 2276
Email  naomi.mcgrath@une.edu.au
Skype Naomi.McGrath_UNE

facebookTwitter_24x24 Youtube_24x24.png blogger linkedin

CRICOS Provider Code 00003G

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