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The Applied Polymer Chemistry group presented three papers at the 30th Australasian Polymer Symposium, the annual scientific meeting of the Polymer Division of the RACI and the NZIC polymer group, held in Melbourne on the 30th November – 4th December.

Dr Fellows presented a lecture entitled “Chain Transfer to Butyl Methacrylate
Authors CM Fellows and DF Sangster.

Mr Wallace presented a poster entitled “An active membrane/liquid interface: A novel approach to the synthesis of pervaporation membranes
Authors AD Wallace and CM Fellows.

Mr Alhamzah presented a poster entitled “Synthesis, Characterisation, and Application of Poly(Acrylic Acid) for use as Base Scale Inhibitor in Desalination Plants
Authors A Alhamzah and CM Fellows.

The PhD candidates did a splendid job and excited much discussion with their posters. No dead cats were thrown at their supervisor.

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